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make a button that is big funky and makes a statement for FREE! So i found the make a bag out of paper tutorial on cut out and keep and had to give it a go. I redesigned and made a messenger style bag (see other project for photos) I felt it just needed something big and bold to keep it shut. I didnt have any money so couldn't buy one from the shop. So I made from what was around the house I'm aware that not everyone has these items to hand so it may not be free but they are common household items or very cheap

Posted by Miss Joni mac from Tiverton, England, United Kingdom • Published See Miss Joni mac's 2 projects »

  • Step 1

    Mark were you want the 4 holes with the marker on the top of the lid place onto polystyrene and drill from the top down.
    Warning. it seem to take ages for the hole to begin so carry on it takkes around a min my have been my drill though.
    also the inside of your lid will be sharp were the holes have been made so push down with pliers.

  • Step 2

    Papering as I was using for a weave bag I weaved my paper but if plain is being used cut a square 2cm wider than your lid then skip to step 4

  • Step 3

    lay the paper in strips until about 2cm wider than your your lid secure to the surface you are working on with tape. then weave under and over the alternate strips until a square.

  • Step 4

    now double side tape (glue could be used but may not stick to the metal) the whole of your square and place lid in the center.

  • Step 5

    roll the lid on to its side and roll all the way around the paper so the edge is covered

  • Step 6

    trim off around the lid leaving a little bit to wrap over the edge in to the inside of the lid

  • Step 7

    mark with a blunt pencil were you holes are from the inside turn over and push through with the pencil

  • Step 8

    cover with clear glue. rub paintbrush and glue inside the holes to cover any sharp edges remaining leave to dry adn then add to your item or wall :)

    I used quite a small drill bit due it being the only one i could find but think would better with a large holes.
    Remember if unsure on size start small and then make gradually bigger.

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linda b.
linda b.
great idea
Miss Joni mac
Miss Joni mac · Tiverton, England, GB · 4 projects
I also just made one and put rhinestones on it Happy
Mousey · Parañaque, Metro Manila, PH · 85 projects
What a gread idea!

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