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This sweatshirt, named for it's red hooded inspiration, is super comfortable, and perfect for chilly mornings or early evenings.
The simple ribbing gives it a flattering fitted look with really no actual fitting at all! The romantic hood and buttons add whimsy as well as function!
Though I'm not very good with sizing, the pattern is so simple that changing the size should be relatively easy as well! Please feel free to contact me with any questions about sizing or the pattern itself and I would be happy to try and answer them!

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You Will Need

  • Step 1

    3 skeins of TLC Essentials (you should have a bit of yarn left over, I began with some leftovers so my calculations of how much is needed is off a bit.) In "Barn Red"
    Size 10 1/2 (6.5 mm) Straight needles (optional)
    Size 10 1/2 (6.5 mm) 24 inch circular needle
    Set of size 10 1/2 (6.5 mm) double pointed needles
    Stitch markers
    Small crochet hook
    Tapestry needle
    Measuring tape
    Red sewing thread
    10 buttons (2 medium and 8 small)
    Stitch holder or scrap yarn


    M1-Make one
    K2tog- knit 2 together
    P2tog- purl 2 together
    SSK -Slip slip knit
    PM- place marker
    SlM - slip marker
    WS- wrong side
    RS- right side

  • Step 2

    CO 75 sts onto straight needles (or Circular without joining)
    Knit in Stockinette stitch for 15 inches
    on a RS row, K16, SSK, K15, (SSK) twice, K1, (K2tog) twice, K15, K2tog, K16
    Next row (WS) P34, P2tog, P to end of row

  • Step 3

    Switch to circular needles but do not join yet
    Next row (RS) At this row, begin K2, P2 ribbing Pattern, K13, PM, K9, PM, K25, PM, K9, PM, K12
    Next row (WS/Inside) K (Keeping the rib pattern) to marker, M1, SlM, M1, continue this way to the end of the row
    Next row, K/P to added stitch making the added stitch the continuation of the pattern headed towards the marker, SlM, make the new stitch the next in the pattern towards the marker, continue this way to end of row.
    Next row, this and every fourth row, the first and last two stitches of the row are to be switched, meaning if they are knit, now purl them, leave the rest of the pattern in tact (even if there are two purls next to each other or vice versa) this will make a nice edge for the neck buttons. This row (and every other) M1 on either side of the markers.
    Continue this way for 6 inches

  • Step 4

    Two sts before the end of a RS/Outside row, spread sts to join but before joining slip last two sts onto stitch holder, join the sides by knitting the first two sts , then put the two extra sts back onto the L needle and knit continuing the row.

  • Step 5

    Continue the M1 on either side of marker every other row pattern until the armhole's )which began with 9 stst) consists of approx. 46 stitches. The best way to know for sure what size you need is to put it all on scrap yarn and try it on, that way you will get a custom fit

  • Step 6

    Put sleeve sts onto stitch holders or scrap yarn. Place 1 stitch marker under armpit where joined to signify beginning of row. Continue knitting in the pattern (add or decrease a stitch as needed to complete pattern under arms) until piece measures 10 inches from armpit. At this point, change to basket weeve stitch. Do this by Keeping the K2, P2, but switch it every 4th row, meaning begin the row by K (or P) the last two before marker, SlM, do the same for next two sts as the last two and continue, making a back and forth pattern every three rows. Keep this pattern for five or six inches (depending on your preference).

    BO all sts.

  • Step 7

    Using DPS, go back and pick up sleeve stitches. Add eight stitches under arm (keeping with the K2, P2, pattern) Sts can be added by making the sts from the body, or can be added to needles and sewn in later. PM between the 8 added sts, with 1 k stitch on either side.

  • Step 8

    Knit in this pattern for 6 inches. K2tog on either side of marker. Continue for 1 inch, then K2tog on either side of marker. Continue for 1 inch, then K2tog on either side of marker. Continue for 1 inch, then K2tog on either side of marker. 8 sts decreased in total.

  • Step 9

    Knit until sleve is 16 inches from armpit, then switch to basket weeve stitch once more. decide where you would like to have the buttons for your sleeve (I made mine 12 sts towards the back or outside from the marker) and start opening. Knit to the break in the pattern, turn and knit back to it on the other side. Continue this until basket weave pattern has repeated 5 times.
    Bo all sts.

    Go back and do the same for opposite sleeve.

  • Step 10


    Use tapestry needle to sew up the top of the hood. Fold hood in half with the WS out, and begin sewing at the opening. Use crochet hook to tuck in extra yarn.
    Tuck in yarn at bottom of body and sleeves.

    Using red thread and sewing needle, sew four buttons on the outside of either sleeve. Since the knitting needles are so big you shouldn't need to make button holes (something to pay attention to when buying buttons.)
    Then sew two on the 6 inch basket weave border around neck (these are mostly decoration.)

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samjane · Rochester, Massachusetts, US · 2 projects
Super easy to alter! I'm super tiny but if you try on the raglan sleeves as you go you can custom fit it to your shape and size!!! Also Ysolda Teague has a great raglan fitting tutorial on revelry and her website I believe, I recommend checking that out too! Good luck!
Sweet Side
Sweet Side
Can you tell me what size the finished project is? Is it only in the one size? I love the sweater and would like to make it. Thanks.
Misty M.
Misty M. · Molalla, Oregon, US · 2 projects
I wish there was a way to alter this to crochet instead of knit Happy
Ichigo M.
Ichigo M. · 13 projects
aww i need to learn how to knit.......
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Super cute! Once I get better at sewing, I plan to take up knitting and crocheting.

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