Here in the vastness of the internet I am but a small voice somewhere in the corner.
Okay now that is out of the way: I like Fight Club (the book), Anime, Manga, Comic Books, Video Games (I have a not-so-small obsession with Kingdom Hearts), Tattoos, and reading. I am currently working on my BA in English, I am getting married to the love of my life whom I have known for many many years.
Besides the insane rantings inside my head, I am fairly boring.
I am a crazy craft lady who dabbles in many different kinds of craftables.
Counted Cross Stitch,
Revamping my wardrobe by deconstructing it,
ways to make make-up dramatic and borderline stage craft,
making my own hair things,
making my own cloths,
turning my hair into art,
making my own chokers/ necklaces,
Lip Balm,
I have recently taken up Punch Needle crafts
and Needle Tatting.

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