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MMM, Yummy <3
sorry its such a bad picture D:
but youll get the idea. also, you can use a small playdough container for this, it makes it cute and unique ^^

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  • Step 1

    First, melt the crisco
    dont melt it in a foam container!

    make two small parts/bowls

  • Step 2

    take the first bowl and add cocoa powder till you think its chocolaty enough

    take the second bowl and add the orange flavoring/orange drink mix to the second one until its orange enough

    (you can use other flavors for this if youd like. be creative)

  • Step 3

    pour a few drops of one into the container and hold it at an angle so it coats only one side. put it in the freezer at an angle too (it will harden faster)

    or you can just pour some into the container till it reaches half and put celaphane on the top then tip it on its side

    do the same with the other flavor, but on the other side.

  • Step 4

    when your done, it should have a flavor on each side.

    put it in the freezer over night and enjoy!

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cokerewardsfan · 1 project
ThatCrazyGoatLady · North Berwick, Maine, US · 34 projects
and if you rub your lips together after putting it on, (that is, if you used orange drink mix) the sugary orangey particles will somehow seep onto the tip of your tongue ^^ mmm

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