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Light-up Boho Chandelier!
Make a light up boho chandelier with a tomato cage as a base and lights that change color!

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  • How to make a chandelier. Light Up Boho Chandelier - Step 2
    Step 1

    Large tomato cage
    3 yards sheer cream fabric
    3 yards lace cream fabric
    Lace trim & ribbon in cream
    Doilies or heavy lace trim
    Osram Lightify Gardenspot Mini Lights
    Lightify on Amazon: http://bit.ly/1NoJEYf
    Lightify at Lowes: http://bit.ly/1qIrjkd
    Glue gun
    Pearl trim (about 5 yards)
    4-6 large white feathers

  • Step 2

    Watch the short video tutorial here:

  • How to make a chandelier. Light Up Boho Chandelier - Step 3
    Step 3

    Here's how:
    1. Cut about twenty 10" pieces of ribbon
    2. & 3. Tie the end of your string of Gardenspot Mini lights to the largest ring of the tomato cage
    4. Wrap and tie until you get to the 3rd (smallest) ring of the cage
    5. & 6. Cut 1 1/2" wide strips of lace and sheer fabric
    *Clip along the selvage edge and rip if you can, it's easier
    7. Tie 4 strips of lace or sheer fabric on the largest ring to hang the cage while you work
    8. Fold the pieces in half and slip knot them around the rings and light wires
    *Start with the smallest ring and work your way up
    9. Drape and hot glue strands of pearls, ribbon and lace trim around the top ring of the chandelier
    10. Hot glue the heavy lace trim around the top rim of the chandelier and add more pearl trim
    11. Plug in the Osram Lightify Gateway
    12. Connect the Gateway to your phone with the app and pick a color for your chandelier

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Helen S.
Helen S.
I'm in love with that. I will definitely try to do it tomorrow!

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