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Knitted Cupcake

Extract from 500 Toys • By Nguyen Le • Published by Search Press


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500 Toys
tension (4.5 mm): 5 sts over 7 rows = 2.5cm (1 in)
tension (4 mm): 6 sts over 8 rows = 2.5cm (1 in) (slightly stretched)

finished dimensions: 
6.5-cm (23⁄4-in) diameter, 6cm (21⁄2 in) high

Posted by Search Press Published See Search Press's 272 projects » © 2024 Nguyen Le / Search Press · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    With A and 4.5 mm dpns, CO 8 sts, divide onto 3 dpns, place marker, and join in the round.
    Rnd 1: k.
    Rnd 2: k1f&b in each st to end – 16 sts.
    Rnds 3–5: k.
    Rnd 6: rep row 2 – 32 sts.
    Rnds 7–16: change to 4 mm dpns and [k1, p1] rep 
to end.
    Rnd 17: change to 4.5 mm dpns, and B and [k4, m1] rep 8 times – 40 sts.
    Rnds 18–19: k.
    Rnd 20: [k8, k2tog] rep to end – 36 sts.
    Rnd 21: [k7, k2tog] rep to end – 32 sts.
    Rnd 22: [k6, k2tog] rep to end – 28 sts.
    Rnd 23: [k5, k2tog] rep to end – 24 sts.

  • Step 2

    Place beans in the base for weight, and begin to stuff.

    Continue stuffing to end.
    Rnd 24: [k4, k2tog] rep to end – 20 sts.
    Rnd 25: [k3, k2tog] rep to end – 16 sts.
    Rnd 26: [k2, k2tog] rep to end – 12 sts.
    Rnd 27: [k1, k2tog] rep to end – 8 sts.

  • Step 3

    Break yarn and pull through remaining 8 sts tight to close off. Make knots in lengths of sprinkle-coloured yarn, one at a time at the top where you just closed off, and make short stitches for sprinkles around the white icing. Hide the ends inside. Needle felt a red ball for the cherry and sew on the top, covering the sprinkle knots. Squish the cupcake into shape with the bottom tapering in and the junction of the yellow and white jutting out a bit.

    cheesecake cupcake
    Follow the cupcake pattern up to the end of the ribbing and BO. Cut a matching yellow felt circle the diameter of the top of the cupcake and stuff and sew together. Needle felt three red cherries and sew to the cheesecake top.

    blueberry muffin
    Follow the cupcake pattern but use light brown yarn. Cut 0.5-cm (1⁄4-in) circles out of dark blue felt and sew blueberries randomly around the muffin. Add some white stitches over the top of the muffin to represent sugar sprinkles.

    cream puff
    Use beige and white wool roving to needle felt a fluffy cream puff. Form a ball and shape the top into a tip. Wrap white wool around the middle for the cream and needle felt in. Make small white stitches with thread around the top of the puff for sugar.

    kiwi tart
    Follow the cheesecake variation and use a light yellow yarn and felt. Cut four 4cm (11⁄2-in) green kiwi slices of felt. With black thread, stitch the seed details around the centre of each kiwi slice. Lay the slices around the top of the tart and needle felt together.

    chocolate cake
    Cut two 15-cm (6-in)-diameter circles for the top and bottom, and a 10 x 50cm (4 x 20-in) piece for the middle section, out of brown felt. Sew these pieces together to form your cake. Needle felt frosting around the top edge of the cake. Cut 4cm (11⁄2-in) flower petals out of pink felt; use about eight petals per flower and make three flowers. Cut 5-cm (2-in) green leaves to go with the flowers and sew together in a cluster on your cake.

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