Hi there I'm Sofia Sotelo I live in Mexico and I'm a Soft Toy and Craft Designer and Maker, I get inspired by people, food, and things around me and specially Mexican folklore.

Long time ago my mom used to made rag dolls and plush toys for my sister and me, I loved them, so one good day
when I was still at elementary school I ask my mom to teach me how to sew and knit and she did it. in the beginning was really hard to me to learn and really hard to my mom to teach because I'm left handed and she doesn't but her hard efforts worked because in the end I finally learned.

The years passed and I kept practicing my skills using fabrics and tools from my old mom's fabric stash and made gifts for all my family and closest friends until I know almost everyone still have them, not just my mom, btw Hi mom! I'm on the internet..

When I was in high school I gave a lot of handmade plush and scarfs to everyone I love and still do love to knit, then I discovered Etsy around 2008 for the first time, Etsy made me dream to maybe someday I could share my craft making with world and live from that, that was 9 years ago. I started to learn everything I could prom all over internet, youtube, handmade blogs, craft forums, like instructurables and Cutoutandkeep, was awesome how people share their knowledge from different places around the world

Others things about me is that I like ducks, A LOT
I'm a person who really enjoy doing things by myself as much as I can DIY culture is my way of living

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