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A fancy dressed bear for a celebration
I crochet at work between calls so I don't really have the ability to count stitches (too many interruptions) so I kinda don't have stitch counting in my pattern.

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  • Step 1

    sc: single crochet

    sci: single crochet increase (two single crochet in a single space)

    scd: single crochet degrease (put hook through space, yarn over, pull through, put hook through next space, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through all)

  • Step 2

    Chain 2
    sc 6 in second stitch from hook (place marker in 1st stitch, move as needed)
    sci in each for 1 round
    sci, sc, repeat for 7 rounds
    sc in each for 24-28 rounds (switch colors after 24 for 'head' [opt])
    scd, sc next 7 rounds, start stuffing after 3 or 4, continue stuffing as needed until closed

    Arms (make 2):
    Chain 3
    sc 4 in second stitch from hook
    sci for 8 stitches
    sc for 6 rows

    Kimono body:
    chain long enough to reach almost around body
    sci in each end, sc rest of length for 6 rows
    sc for 8 rows (or until desired length)
    decorate with contasting color (opt)

    Kimono sleeves (make 2):
    chain 16, sc for 4 rows
    sc short ends together

    Ears (make 2):
    chain 2 sc 5 in second stitch from hook, leave long tails

    chain long enough to go around body and knot
    sc back
    decorate with contrasting color (opt)

  • Step 3

    sew arms into sleeves and sew 'body' end closed (sleeves and arms), sew sleeve closed under arm where it sticks out
    wrap kimono around body (do not attach yet, remember, left over right for living)
    wrap obi around kimono and secure to kimono only
    slide body out
    finish securing obi to kimono
    attach arms to sides of kimono
    slide body back into kimono and adjust to proper position
    Secure kimono to body at neck, sew closed
    stitch on ears and secure
    add mouth and eyes.

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hannah g.
hannah g. · Horten, Vestfold, NO · 74 projects
awh why doesnt something as nice as this have more appreciation? D: ...i really like it and plan to give this a go when i have the time. thanks for sharing such a great project Happy

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