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This light, zesty dessert is such a lovely departure from the more traditional pie offerings and is the perfect way to round out a summer dinner party. For the coconut crust, I use the macaroon recipe from my old copy of The Joy of Cooking.

Don’t cry over burnt crust! Coconut crusts can easily burn, so in the event that it does burn simply remove the darker bits once the crust has cooled.

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  • Step 1

    Preheat the oven to 350 ̊F. Grease a pie dish with butter or baking spray.

  • Step 2

    To make the crust, combine the condensed milk, egg white, vanilla, and salt in a mixing bowl and stir in the coconut until well mixed. Using your hands, press the coconut mix- ture into the bottom and up the sides of the prepared pie dish.

  • Step 3

    To make the filling, whisk the condensed milk and egg yolks together in a bowl. Add the lime zest and juice and whisk to combine.

  • Step 4

    Pour the filling into the crust and cover the pie with aluminium foil so the crust doesn’t burn. Bake for 15 minutes.

  • Step 5

    Let the pie cool, then refrigerate for a minimum of 1 hour
    before serving.

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