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This idea just sort of came to me after I impulse shopped on her store and while I was staring at the cabochon I came up with the idea to glue them to the pocket of an old denim jacket I had lying around.
Do you ever just have those days whenever you’ve decided that you’re giving up on being a rational thinking adult with goals and responsibilities and instead you’re going to dye your hair a rainbow medley of pastel shades and dress like a doll? Or perhaps you’ve finally realized your calling of becoming a woodland nymph and are currently in the process of growing antlers and galavanting through the forest. Whatever the case may be there are most assuredly days when even the most grounded among us want to throw caution to the wind and run away to join the circus. For some of us this is the every day, but I digress.

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  • How to make a denim jacket. Kawaii Denim Vest Pt. 1  - Step 1
    Step 1

    Take your glue and, after figuring out exactly where you want everything placed, glue them down and allow them to dry. These are big pieces so they might need more glue/drying time then you would normally thing.

  • How to make a denim jacket. Kawaii Denim Vest Pt. 1  - Step 2
    Step 2

    Once your cabochon are dry move on to your collar. I picked up the 3 mm Rose glass cut crystals from her site and used those to make a triangular pattern that eventually flares out a little bit. I just glued them down in place, but be warned this part takes the most time because the parts are so small.

  • How to make a denim jacket. Kawaii Denim Vest Pt. 1  - Step 3
    Step 3

    Once everything was dried and finished this was how the front looked.
    I picked up all the embellishments for this project from Snapcrafty on Etsy.

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Super cute!

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