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A Change of Appetite
Yes, I know. This sounds really holier than thou. But it isn’t. In fact I prefer it to basil pesto (which I’ve always found a bit perfumed and slightly cloying). If you’re not the biggest fan of kale, this is the way to eat it; it’s seasoned and enriched. You can also make this with cavolo nero in exactly the same way. I find wholemeal pasta a tough one. I can barely eat the shapes, they just seem chewy and punishing. But linguine and spaghetti are a different matter.

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  • Step 1


Toss steamed broccoli into this (yes, I mean it!) for a double dose of greens.

  • Step 2

    Put the linguine into a big pan of boiling slightly salted water 
and boil until it is cooked but still al dente.

  • Step 3

    At the same time, make the pesto. Wash the kale well and strip 
the fibrous leaves from their stalks. Bring a large pot of water 
to the boil, plunge the leaves in and cook for five minutes.

  • Step 4

    Drain well. Put the cooked kale into a food processor with the butter, extra virgin oil, parsley, anchovies, garlic and 50g (1<00BE>oz) of the cheese. Add the chilli (if using). Blitz, using the pulse-blend button. I like this pesto when it isn’t completely puréed but still has quite large flecks in it, so don’t overdo it. 
Taste, adding the rest of the cheese if you want. To be honest, 
I don’t need any more, it has a great rich strong taste without it. But you decide.
Drain the linguine, then return it to the pan with a little of its cooking water. Mix in the pesto and serve immediately.

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