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minidress out of leftovers
Made this out of some jeans scraps and leftovers from other projects (also uploaded here ;P) and a...well a failed project...it wasn really fail but i did some mistakes and went mad on the whole thing.
anyways, here it is:
the jeans scrap dress!
i dont know if you can see how long it is but its more a mini dress and has a big bow on the end that formes a bubbleskirt.
it doesnt stay up perfectly, so maybe i will make straps for it...

if anyone needs a how to, feel free to ask.

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  • Step 1

    okay. because some of you asked for it, heres the how-to.
    im sorry but silly me didnt took pictures. i know we all dont like the how tos without pics...but i will think over how to show you what to do during the process.
    if there arent pictures in this project, when you read this, i was too lazy. ask for what you need, if you cant understaand something :D

  • Step 2

    first gather your supplies
    you will need
    scraps of at least two different coloured jeans. and if i am saying scraps, i mean scraps. the legs of an jeans turned to a hot pants will be too much. one half leg is the right amount i think. i used 3 different fabrics, so i needed even less of each.

    next thing you need is a big fabric rectangle. i should at least fit one and a half way around you and be as long as your final dress. bigger is always better.

    to gather up the material at the hem of the dress i used a srip of fabric but i would recomend elastic

    and then you need your scissors, sewing machine, thread, and JEANS NEEDLES
    i also was one of those guys thinking, i dont need something like that, its just for loosers taking fitting needles an thread.

    but i learned that it is better to use jeansneedles. i didnt changed from using just white thread though. :P

  • Step 3

    first take your jeansfabric.
    cut the same amount of strips that will form your upper part of the dress.
    i made 6 strips from each colour that measured 10x4,5 cm each. (sewing allowences included).
    but i have a really small chest. so measure twice and cut once. ( höhö stole this scentence from somewhere :P)
    and one bigger square of the stretchiest fabric for the back. that one measured 10x21 cm.

    (= all the strips and the sqare togehter lenghwise should go one time around your chest, and it should be as long as you want your top-part. dont forget the sewing allowences. otherwise you will be sad.)

  • Step 4

    last thing you have to cut out of the jeans is a long strip to finish the dress at the top edge.

  • How to sew a denim dress. Jeans Scrap Dress - Step 5
    Step 5

    first thing you wanna do is take all your jeansstrips, and sew the long sides of them wrong side together, if that makes any sense.
    you want to create a long strip of those straps, i made my colours in a order, and when you have them all together and sew the bigger square on the end of that strip and the beginning of that strip to the sqare. so that you now have a ring. or circle. or so...

  • How to sew a denim dress. Jeans Scrap Dress - Step 6
    Step 6

    now you can put that one on and if you want you can create darts under your...boobs, for a tighter fit.

    just pin them, take of the ring and sew them

    make sure you do them equal on both sides

    (sorry messed up the steps and the pics...the stip at the top of the whole thig come in the next step and pic..)

  • How to sew a denim dress. Jeans Scrap Dress - Step 7
    Step 7

    the next thing i did was finishing of the top edge, by laying the looong strip of fabric around it ans sew a straigh line one time around.

    if you used the stretchie jeans for this one too, you can pull it as you go, and the dress will stay up a little bit better.

  • Step 8

    then we come to our other fabric.
    mine was a stretch one with a tiger print on it by the way.

    just create a circle out of this too, by sewing a straight line on the side.

  • Step 9

    since this one is bigger than your top part we have to gather it first, before attatching it.

    there are many ways to do this. i used this technique:

    set your sewing machine to the largest stitchlengh and the lowest needle thread tension.

    now sew a straight line to the top edge, about 1 cm from the edge, all the way round. cut of the thread.
    now you can take the bobbin thread and by simply pulling it tight the material gathers.

    gather it to the same size as your top part.

  • How to sew a denim dress. Jeans Scrap Dress - Step 10
    Step 10

    now you can attatch this one to your jeanspart of the dress.

    you can finish now, or if you want a bubbleskirt like mine sew a elatic to the skirt, or as i did, use a string of stretchie/jersey fabric, and while sewing pull it tight so the material gathers. you can leave the overlapping ends of the string hanging and do a bow.

    and youre


  • Step 11

    and if you can understand what ive said (sorry...englischi isnt my mothertongue.. my english teachter would get so mad on me for this sentence xD...and im not really a pro with paint... >.<) and do a dress. show it to me!
    i wanna see it!



Ériak  G.
Ériak G. · Porto Alegre, State of Rio Grande do Sul, BR · 1 project
I started a version! But it is going to be kind of different, already finished the jeans part, the other one is missing, gotta buy the textile. Ill post it when I finish.
Belle · Waikanae, Wellington, NZ · 1 project
This is a realy cool dress, thanks so much for How-To.
Keep up the good work Happy
Pinocchio · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 30 projects
love the dress! you look so cute in it!
<HTML ERROR> · 3 projects
Love the project! Happy

..... mostly cause you look kinda like me ;D

JK! Happy

No but seriously, you do.
quirky been v.
quirky been v. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 8 projects
i love ur wallpaper...
Kata B.
Kata B. · Csömör, Pest County, HU · 24 projects
Love this project! Happy
Autonomous · Phoenix, Arizona, US · 22 projects

I have a similar project on my page but yours looks better. I'm so jealous! Great job! Happy
sporkyllama · Melbourne, Victoria, AU · 3 projects
That is absolutely adorable! I'd love a how-to! Please? ^_^
Jasmin S.
Jasmin S. · 12 projects
id love to learn how to make it
would be great for the summer and i have old jeans that need to be used
I'd loove to know how you make it.

(Doesn't look like fail from here;Þ)
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