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Crunchy and delicious
Beautiful midweek masterpiece fresh and tasty

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  • Step 1

    Ingredients for two:

    X2 chicken breast
    1 Full head of good crunchy lettuce like Cos/romaine/baby gem/iceberg lettuce
    30grams Mature cheddar or Parmesan any strong cheese of choice
    4 Spring onion
    Good handful of Croutons
    10 Anchovies
    Half a punnet of Plum Cherry tomato

    1 lemon
    2 Garlic
    2 teaspoons Olive oil
    Handful Chive and parsley
    Salt and pepper

  • Step 2

    To start place the chicken breasts into a griddle or frying pan with a touch of olive oil and generously season with black pepper and salt on both sides until the chicken is seared.

    For the salad base gatherer a good buck here of lettuce together scatter in a bowl add some chopped spring onions

    For the dressing I use a pestle and mortar but you could also use a blender,a bowl and rolling pin or just finely chop and mix

    So I start by crushing two garlic cloves with some black pepper to this I add chives and parsley and juice from a whole lemon.and a teaspoon of olive oil for a twist I add a heaped teaspoon of pesto

    When the chicken is cooked
    It need to be cooked and shredded for then the salad is formed by layering on the salad base

    Chicken,croutons,tomatoes,anchovies, strips of cheese and salad dressing

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