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yeah, fires. I put out fires.
I've had this shirt for quite some time. I had "stolen" it from my boyfriend because he said that it wasn't funny when a guy has a shirt that says "I put out." The only reason I held onto it for so long was because I couldn't decide what to do with it. And then wa-bam I figured it out. My favourite part it the seams, they're so messy I love them. They reminded me of baseballs and the shoulders reminded me of a baseball shirt, and this is what came out of it, I have no clue how baseballs came out of fire extinguishers but it works.

The only reason I set the time so long is because of how many times I had do re-adjust these sleeves. I don't even know why they gave me so much trouble but they did and it was terrible. Good lord I was so happy to finish this one and now I love it so much, its so comfy. Definitely a new favourite shirt of mine.

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aranumenwen · Aurora, Illinois, US · 117 projects
I've never really had a problem with sleeves really, of course this is only like the second or third shirt that I've made that wasn't short sleeved anyway, I usually just use old shirts as patterns, but this one I winged it, hence the frustration and awkward-ness.
fetisha · Mechanicsville, Virginia, US · 36 projects
sleeves are f*ing hard, dude! i made a 3/4 sleeve shirt similar to this and the sleeves- UGH! they are so wrong! ah well. i love the messy look of a self-made shirt too Happy makes it all the more unique and personal!

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