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{How to} Sew a tagliatelle bag.
All seam allowance are a quilter's foot (1cm) unless stated.

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  • How to sew a patchwork tote. {How To} Sew A Tagliatelle Bag. - Step 1
    Step 1

    What to do:

    Make the bag;
    On the bias, cut strips of the batik fabric around 1/4 inch (Picture)
    Fold the felt to create a diagonal line that will be your reference point, stitch the strips sewing at the centre until all the felt is covered. Do the same for the flap square.
    Cut lining to the size of the main fabric. Use the left over to cut twice 7.5cm handles.
    Cut pocket with the width of the rectangular smaller size by the height of your hand.
    Press the viline interface with glue side on the back of the main fabric. Trim the viline before pressing. Press viline on the back of the flap main fabric.
    Trim the fabric excess, making sure the felt rectangular shape has the sides straight.
    Prepare pocket by sewing the ends either by enclosing with bias or folding twice and sewing.
    Sew pocket wrong sides together on the pocket lining. Make sure sew underneath after folding 1/4 inc of the ends, closing the pocket. Sew a straight line in the middle to divide the pocket.

  • Step 2

    Make the handles & Flap;
    Sew the handles: cut 2 strips 3 inc wide by the length you want the handles to be. Cut the same for wadding. Fold the strips into bias, enclose the wadding and sew 2 lines of 1/4 in.
    Sew the flap, right side together turning the corners into curves. Leave the ends open.
    Add the flap with the open side facing out, matching the seam of the main fabric,

  • Step 3

    To assemble the bag;
    Secure the handles right sides together: one each side of the main fabric on the smaller width of the rectangular shape. Same for the flap.
    Make sure the handles are matched in position, not to close to the ends of the bag.
    Sew only the smaller width of the rectangular shape
    Turn wrong side up.
    Lay the bag open, making sure seams match up, you will have the lining to one side and the main fabric the other. Secure the seams. Mark about 4 inc opening and sew around, securing the ends.
    On the two corners of the main fabric, fold like a triangle and sew a diagonal line eliminating the ends. Trim.
    Sew your button holes and buttons.
    Turn the bag right side out, slip stitch close the opening. Press.

    It's finished. Enjoy x

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