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DIY economical way to support bruised ribs
This is nothing fancy but it works and it is just two wide Ace Bandages zigzagged together with about a 1/2 in overlap in the middle. It took about 3 mins to make it and it cost under $15.

This was a case of necessity being the mother of invention as we could not find a rib brace in any of the stores or drugstores in town and even went to a local medical supply store and while they had one in stock, the largest size they carried was 2 sizes too small. They did have back brace for $40+ that he did try on moving up over the rib area, but it just did not provide the right support.

My ex fell while at the junkyard for part for a car a week ago Saturday and although doing better, it still hurts to move, especially getting in and out of his truck so we went looking for a rib brace and this helps to alleviate pain when he has to get out and about as it supports the area.

Sewing it together made it wide enough that it didn't roll and bunch up when he sat down.

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