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How To Make A Baby Bib
When it comes to baby articles of everyday use, all of you are willing to choose the best. Materials, styles as well as qualities all need considering when you buy a piece of goods for your babies. Avoiding things you buy not assuredly used, it is better to do it yourself. It takes us much time to dig out beautiful and comfortable bib patterns. Luckily a satisfactory piece comes out with our efforts of how to make a baby bib.

The bib patterns we design are not easy to take off the line as the edges of bib are hemmed. Moreover we have used soft natural cotton fabric to make the outside piece of bib. You will never worry that the bib hurts your babies 'chin. With several steps of how to make a baby bib, this practical and cozy bib is the most desirable gift for your babies.


  • How to make a baby bib. How To Make A Baby Bib - Step 1
    Step 1

    Make the raw bib shape
    Cut out three pieces of square fabric: outside fabric; lining fabric and cotton lining; cut out strip for hem as well. Trace the template of bib on the paper; cut out the template. Pin three pieces with outside fabric, cotton lining and lining fabric; place paper template on the surface; baste 0.2~0.3cm inside the contour line as is shown below. Cut out the raw bib shape along the contour line; fold one fourth of each end of strip to the middle; flatten the strip.

  • How to make a baby bib. How To Make A Baby Bib - Step 2
    Step 2

    Hem collar and outside perimeter of bib
    Fold the strip. Hem the collar first with sewing machine. Trim the hems of two sides. Make strip for the outside perimeter of the bib; leave 15~20cm longer than its perimeter of the bib for lacing; fold the strip and sew. Stitch the strip to the bib.

  • How to make a baby bib. How To Make A Baby Bib - Step 3
    Step 3

    Seam the edges of lacing. Lace the strips to fix the bib.

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Jayne S.
Jayne S.
I love this bib! Where can I find the pattern to print, please?Love

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