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Make your breakfast special with these healthy but very delicious, beautifully soft, very fluffy pancakes.
These are pancakes that you do not need to feel guilty about eating. They are completely dairy, egg and oil free and as long as you don’t go mad with the toppings they are actually pretty good for you!

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  • Step 1

    Start by putting the milk and chia seeds in a jug or bowl. Stir well.

  • Step 2

    Add the vinegar and vanilla and stir again.

  • Step 3

    Add the flour, baking powder and salt to a separate bowl and mix to combine.

  • Step 4

    Get a pan ready on a medium heat. I cooked my pancakes with no oil and you can too if your fry pan is a good nonstick one. If you are at all concerned that it might not be then use a teaspoon or two of oil to ensure the pancakes don't stick.

  • Step 5

    Pour the liquid into the dry ingredients and stir to combine (just enough to combine everything and so that you can't see any dry flour). DO NOT over stir. A few little lumps won't hurt.

  • Step 6

    Check your pan is hot and then spoon the pancake batter into it. Make the pancakes about 4 inches in diameter.
    Once the batter is in the pan turn the heat down to half way between medium and very low. The trick to good pancakes is not rushing them so be patient.

  • Step 7

    Watch and wait until you see some bubbles start to form on the top of the pancakes.
    When you see bubbles flip them over gently and cook for another 2 minutes.
    Remove from the pan and serve immediately.

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