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I purchased a floral pick/stalk of gumdrops and candy pieces (plastic) at walgreens before Christmas, because I had wanted some candy sewing pins for awhile and as soon as I saw them, I knew these would be fairly simple and cheaper to make than the ones you can buy on etsy.

So the hardest part I guess would be finding the floral stalk that has cute toppers. But if you do, this is how you make them:

cut the cute tops off of the floral wire as close as possible so there are no sharp edges. Use the dremel to drill an opening big enough to fit your quilting pin top into it (they should have ball heads) hot glue it in and BAM! you have some super cute and bright little candy sewing pins. :)

I wore a mask and eye protection because of the plastic melting due to the hot drill and the chance of plastic shards flying into my eyes. I recommend at least the mask to avoid the smells, or have your guy do it for you! :) I ended up doing that. haha

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