Stalk. Poke. Nudge.

I live in Singapore and I love art. I'm just me.

I'm 14 going 15 on the 11th of November, insecure, naive, stupid, and jealous. No really, I can be really slow at times, and I'm extremely sensitive. And again, guillible, I believe everything anyone says.

I love to love.

Natalie Happy

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Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thanks for faving my Miu Miu Inspired Clutch! (^_^)
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Hey Natalie C!, Thank you for favorite-ing my Beachy Earrings!(:
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Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thank you so much for faving my Designer Inspired Jacket!
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Thank you for faving my leopard nail project Happy
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hey Happy
thanks for the fave on my make up and beauty tips!
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thanks for the fave Happy
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thanks for the fave Happy
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Thank you for faving my project! XD
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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hey hey , i'm back for an other thank you to say.
this wasn't a great english line.LOL hummm sometimes i'm thinking too much dutch lines.
some aren't to translate in correct english.L)OL
hey thank you for your fave on my carkeyring project.
finely i have made a project to the finish.LOL i'm worse because i saw things and suddenly i got new ideas and have started some of them allready.
so it's a never ending story.LOL
it's raining here , that good for the trees , the farmers are complaining about the illness of a fruit product that is making people very dangerously ill.
some people in Germany that's next to my country have died on it. 18 persons.
in Holland we have some people with the same illnesses.
but nobody knows what has caused the contatiouness .
so those fruit kinds aren't sold anymore.
and they are complaining that the soil is getting to salty. but they always complains.!!!
i think we must be glad that we live day by day and make the best of it.
hum this sounds really old .LOL

but it's my way of live, i try this everyday. it's helping me to stay cheerful and okay with my own situation.
hey great news my above neighbours are gone to greek for this whole month.
it's very silence above me yummie.
rest .... i thought then i can sleepout. but. .... wolfje and muis loved it too much to run over my bed and me to wake my for given them food. ugh.LOL
i tried to ignore them but it became only worse. they don't are alowed to make a sound or to chew on plastic and paper. so this is the new solution.LOL
they are tooo clever.LOL
i can't close my bedroom , in my new home to be i will have a door. Gerard have told me Jet please don't let them sleep with you.
still don't know . Wolfje is oftenly sleeping in the livingroom, often in one of my wheels only the waking up she is joining Muis.LOL
Muis needs my bed she needs i think the comforting of me on the other end.
like i'm a protector for her.;-D
Hey hope your well and okay.
have a lazy funny sunday and a great crafty funny week as well;-D
lots of hugs and kisses;-D and my love;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my smiling friend
aaaw so sweet to fave my pocket scene woodland box project.
thank you very much.;-D
much crafting fun by the m aking of, i have given the last one yesterday to my sis for her birthday and she was stunnend and happy.
i was glad to watch her.;-D
It was good to see her after a long time, she is sometimes unreichable for everybody. so after many calls and trying i got her.LOL
and made directly an appointment.
but she couldn't stay long she had to take other people their horses out of the meidow to their boxes.-S
my sis don't say no to each other. so i told her next time you say no!!!
then she answerd yes, and then oooh i had to say no.LOL
she is like me so we always having much fun. She helped me to watch to a tree on my balcony , my friend told me he was ill, but it looked differend so i asked to watch it and my sis said which i thought as well it's not a deseas it's a bug.
i will go to the shop for the solution. so perhaps the tree can be cured.
my cats are sitting the whole hour by my site silently backing for food.LOL
i try to ignore them. but.... this is tooo difficult they try to be silence sooo hardly i think i must giving in.lOL
hey till next time, lots of hugs, kisses and have a great crafty time;-D xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxo
Emily R.
Emily R.
Chozel Vinn L.
Chozel Vinn L. · Las Piñas, Metro Manila, PH · 5 projects
thanks for the fave on my letter keychains!
Mousey · Parañaque, Metro Manila, PH · 85 projects
Hi Hi Hi :3 Thank you for the fav!
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
hi, thank you for faving my purse!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, my fave smiling friend
wooow congreatulations of finishing the exams and too of the A!!!
awesome i'm proud of you;-D
the other are i think too well done, sometimes it's enough i don't know it's for you , but for me it is.;-D
Do you have vacation time?
if so have a great fun free time.LOL
wooo silver awesome , more proud of you then ever.!!!;-D
Nooo it was the purpose of living with less help of neighbours to live a more normal live with help of friends and others for free.
i don't know anybody in that town. only Karin and Gerard and my sis is living some kilometers of my new home away.
but they will come too to help me.
only not daily that must do others.
hey i have got my pink wheels again, and it's almost okay now.
so i'm happy.
i hope i will find some time to pimp him a little bit more.;-D

LOL so you adore those cats.LOL i 'm telling to everybody next time i will have only a birmees cat not a birmilla.
Gerard told me today she is tooo smart, so i said mayby the birmees cats of mine were stupid then they are normally or she is the only tooo smart birmilla cat ever.
Muis is ill she not dying but ... she got for weeks now prednison , at first the leasies of the ulsers were dissappairing but i saw this week they are growing back-S
i think i will wait a week and then i must call the vet again.
poor puss, it will be hurting like hell-S
but of the prednison she eating better and looks like a normal birmees cat then ever, more body mass and all covered up with hair.
she is in the hayfever seison always having bold places on her body-S
i know now why, but at first i had made for her a jacket so she didn't bite her self till bleeding, but the vet specialist told me don't
so ... she don't weare those things anymore and sometimes she is looking aweful.LOL
i know why -S
i have itchyness too so i can understand her problems but i gave her meds for it.
and now with the prednison... s he looks beautiful, my vet had to laught of this.

oooh and again an other postponing of my m ovin aargh.
it will be august-S
so every body is then on vacation, not fine, and they didn't adjust all the thigs i need, so i had written do day a commity to fight about this.
i hope i will get it done! must wait and see.
and...i was glad that after weeks i saw today Gerard, he is ill , and i 'm too.
my of my neck, it's hurting like hell and my arms and hands aren't good by moving, can't let them hang and can't lifting them highly not fine.
so i was laying the most time of this week on the couch reading books, found some new felting books, with awesome new technics , i wanted to try them all out in once, but... i had to be patiencend,
mayby about some weeks later i can do some thing more with my hands.
i was working on class curtains with the webbing of felt , it was becoming beautifull ...
perhaps i can do a tiny bit on it some days later, i hope!!!;-D
of course i love to faved your ipod cozy , i loved it, so your welcome;-D
About the coverments i don't think they will change their minds, a lot of people with health problems having the same problems with there dicisions-S
it's better now to be normally healthy and not disabled, and rich.
i'm not like that, so... hope there will coming soon a new coverment.LOL
Noooow a street slut cat doesn't excist i think but wolfje is acting like it.LOL
so because she love all the menworkers of me too much and she loves to lay on the balcony.LOL
her aunt was allready pregnant (excident ) on a half year, tooo early.LOL
so the daughter of the breeder told the aunt of Woflje you're just a slut.LOL
happely she got one kitten.
i think Wolfje is looks like her too much. she love too much the men.LOL
Indy the sis of Muis was like her, she was missing John very much after his dead.
she was grieving of him as well.
Couldn't helped her with that,
Cats are mourning too when their mates are gone! i have had watched this oftenly-S sad!!!
hey sweetie i can't wait to see you're new projects mayby tell me when they are on here, so i can jumpt to them;-D
i t hink i will give you my suport.LOL
hey all my love, hugs and much more kisses and greetings , and have fun this weekend and be creative and crafty.;-D xooxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxo
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
i just hope you understand my crazy english ;)
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
hey Happy
thanks for the fave on my shirt!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Natalie , hello my fave friend;-D
aaaw thank you for faving my paper tape project.
I must use an other computer to look for the notifications and it 's not my fave computer, sooo... it cost me more time to watch on that to those faves-S
but that's my problem, LOL i have used the first tape to close the envelopes i had to post, it look so funny and real.LOL
but it can be very addictive.LOL i have more of those addictive projects.LOL
mayby it's my own problem.LOL
hey hope you will have soon some time, i'm still typing with crossed fingers for you;-D!!!!
hopefully it helps ;-D
all my love, fun big smiles my smiling friend and much kissses:-D xxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi my friend,
don't worry about that, i'm very patiencend;-D
Just take it easy , and i'm thinking of you and send you all my love, suporting and succes for those exams of yours.
i hope it will be a great good week with a lot of succes on school as well
Love, hugs , fun and kisses and greetings;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my smiling friend
wooow that would b e exchiting, i hope you had won silver or more.;-D
Probably i have heard allready the outgome;-D
Yeaah i don't make those piggies not for her,
ooo i'm still not moved have to waith till i got the annoucement for ketting the key, they have prosponded the moving-S
Mayby good thing because i don't know yet, which suplies i 'm alowed to bring with me, the community workers of both cities has to talk about it.
next week i will got the first appointment with my own city.
It's all about money-S
And sad because the coverment has annoucend to end the fokus project.
It's a special way of living and taking care and getting help from an institute to give wheelies a much normal live then you when you live without them.
Now i must always makes much appointments for my help and when i'm ill of sick i must go out of my bed on time, not fine.
or i can't go out lately anymore because of my helping people.
In fokus you live like i do know freely but the caring and helping hours you can got them on 24 hours a week. so i can sleepout or go out lately.LOL
so it's sad , they try to safe money on the wrong things.
I see a lot of expensive cost that are unnecessary.
this isn't one, on schooling as well.
special for the ones that need special education-S
i'm worried a lot.
but i'm trying to think okay then i have had 6 months of this way of living , better then nothing at all, and then i',m going back to the live i have hear, not very heatlhy.LOL
I was very ill , i had got the n ot right neck brace so again a lot of migraine and pain in my neck, hands and arms and sight problems.
It's not fitting and i can't wrap it myself on-S very stupid when you are living alone with no others to help y ou the whole day, and ... it's hurting me.
so i will asked for a better one next time.
It wasn't a nice man a sexist , ugh. -S If i was alone i had left t he building, I was with Gerard, and he didn't liked the man neither.
we must go back next week.
still waiting for the talk about my pink wheels he is standing without use for almost two months, it's a funky colour the rest-S
but that talk will find place about two weeks, so mayby they can think of solutions.
i hope it will be finished before my moving.
so it's a strange week, i had got an allergic reaction on new meds as well.
Fever and itchy on all over my body.LOL i can laught now but the two last day it was not funny now it's allmost over with new meds for this.
the institute that had given me the prescribiting wouldn't answer on my helping calls, so i was furious so after a while with lots of calls and emails they gave me the help finely.
not good.
The problem started with the telfonist that didn't want to react on my call, so she got a grumpy made Jet on her phone she was the whole time saying mrs h
So after 4 times i told her hey i know my family name by my self so stop with this.
she wanted to start over so i have ended roudly the conversation.LOL
But that worked.LOL My therapist got a mail from her as well.LOL
he wasn't the bad gay but .... ugh.
now i must wait till all the adverse effects will gone, i hope over two day.
must be patience , tomorrow the first moving compangion will come to watch my things. excithing, and.... muis and i will go to the vet i t hink there is something wrong with her lip.
Gerard will go with me.
because i need to make i think a discesion of operation.
humm not funny those things. but she is doing much better she is growing in the width, she was to skinny. now she gets soft food and more then ever, and.... after only big tummys it's spreading out of her body.LOL
she is sooo sweet , only i 'm disapointed of wolfje, wolfje isn't always laying with her, and that's what she needed , so i 'm often still the fake cat for her to lay on.LOL
Birmees are those cats that always wants to lay on or next to an other cat or human.LOL
i have found wolfje so i will pick her up and lay her with muis.
they are found of each other, but it's not the same with the real birmees cats.
wolfje is a birmilla, i think it's her furr.LOL Much thicker then the birmees one.
so she don't have it too cold like muis have.
wolfje is acting like a street slut cat.LOL she loves man and being outside.LOL
Often she smells of Gerards aftershave of being huged by him.LOL
hummm not my fave aftershave.LOL
but Gerard has now a lot of problems as well with his longs so she don't smell to much after his aftershave.LOL so funny.
Hey thank you of your sweet comments and the fave of yours on my paper bunny doggy. Love your suport!!!
I think i'm doing next week much better, i have got from my homeopatic md extra meds to got stronger, i think it's working , so i'm very glad and hopefull;-D
hummm for today i have my fingers crossed for the winning prize of your choire and for the next days' and awesome fun creative crafty weekend , enjoy your more free time,
lots of hugs and kisses and be safe( Japan and radiations and earthquakes)
it will be scarry. We had more then twenty years a think like that as well in Tjernobile , there was a melting down as well. I 'm living far away of that, but the wind blew the radiation to our country as well-S
keep m y fingers crossed for you;-D
jet xoxooxoxooxoxooxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooxooxooxoxoxooxoxooxoxo
Groovy Mama
Groovy Mama · College Station, Texas, US · 11 projects
Thanks for faving my simple loops how to!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL h i hi , saw that you have written a comment as well on my tearyearking heart.aaaaw thank you very much of your suport loving it.;-D
still not ready with my corresponding on cok.LOL
love you hugs and kisses, (think you have got a overdose of hugs and kisses today of me..LOL)xxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi again found just an other comment on my profile page of you.;-D
don't worry it's all to blame on cok.LOL
nothing is going on here, only the last stories i have told you.LOL
but i think they are normal.LOL
like getting 10 new kitchens.LOL
hey have a fun nice great awesome creative week
lots of hugs and kisses
jet xxxxxxxxxx<3
Abbie R
Abbie R · 9 projects
thanks for faving my cd lantern Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi , you will got a overdose of me on comments.
i writting all the people of comments back this day.
lot's to do still.LOL
but i love all those people that take the time for me, so it's not worese to be writting back i wished only that cok had given them by mail sooner.
but that's my problem.
thank you for your sweet words on the comment of my tearyearking heart brooch.
Must still make an appointment with the choire to come by and give them and say goodbye.
but my moving is prosponed so i have more time.
Saw a member which isn't a nice one and she asked me to make for almost nothing 8 piggybanks for her.
don't do that.
i said to her i will think of it but later on i thought you're not my friend so why will i give them for almost nothing to you.
no way.
and i'm busy with other things wrapping and sorting out for the moving and try to do some restoring in my old house.
so... haven't the time.
I'm working at the moment for the goodbye gift for the men that we're special to me .
i have finished the picture which i have told you now the rest.
but i'm working on tooooo many things in the same time again.LOL
don't work very well.LOL
ooh and thank you for your big complement. loving it.;-D

heyhave a great nice comfy crafty lazy sunday afternoon and a treat swell creative week.
all my love hugs and lot's of dutch kisses .(don't know if they are typical but it soounded funny.LOL

and have fun and greetings.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my sweet friend
don't worry about being late with anwering;-D
i know you are busy girl, so don't bother, i always like it to hear of you , so better laten then never.
i was okay the last weeks but i had change of meds and found out that i got a tooo highly dosis so i called everybody but ...
Didn't got a good answer so i used lesser then was prescribting and got as well a overdose-S
was very ill this week and mixed up my work i had done. i had worked on it for a month and in just a couple of hours i made it all wrong.
it took an other day to fixed it right again.LOL
now i can laught of it but then....aargh.
the appointment is been prospounded for my pink chair my dealer was ill.
but after all that was smart because at that day i had a very bad mood,LOL
I was soo crumpy of that overdose and i had several bad arguments of my both cooker for my new home. My move is as well prosponded for several months-S
but they wanted to set my cooker for all those months in the new home without any safety.
so i said to them that i didn't wanted that, and... more arguments.
i called the whole week.
they where stupid because they callled me and told me to send me on the 11 april ten kitchens i said to them one is enough i thought.
they thought i was the house cooperation.LOL
but on friday they called me back and they were agree to prospond the cooker as well.
humm sooo strange just on the 2 april i got a note of cok that you had written a comment.-S
sooooo late , i saw today i have got more comments-S
Don't like that.

aaah so sorry that your mum wasn't glad with you.
Hope she is now friendly towards you.;-D
my mum could be worse as well when i was your age.LOL
and when she would help to do our homework.LOL
oftenly she broken the rulers on our heads ( my and my sis) and broke more pencils and pens.LOL
i can laught of it now at those time i didn''t;-D

You will be okay later on with your tests;-D
hummm that's not fine, we had to beary our books and stuf always with us too and it was heavy so i know how terrible it can be.LOL
Poor you you m ust have a backpack not a normal bag , that 's better for your back.
i'm working at a lot new projects but wrapping thing too in my house.

Yes i have two cats, two ladies, a birmees a grey one that is very tiny she is called muis, = mouse in english
and a birmilla that looks like a husky dog of her fur, so i have called her wolfje, she is acting like a dog.LOL
she is playing like a dog soooo strange and talks the whole day long to me.
I know all the differens sounds she makes so i understand what she is talking off.LOL
like a mum with a baby.LOL
oooh you don't know i got my pink wheels but i can't ride with it because it 's wrong made-S
so that's why i had a talk with the builders and my dealer.
I like the building fellow too much so i'm too nice and kind for saying no.
LOL so i have asked for help of my dealer but he is now ill.
and i'm being not okay any longer to be stucked for more then a year in my house. i have asked a prescribtion of my md to get me a neck brace to fix my head stady to trafel outside.
so i will let make one costume made for me on the 12 april.
Gerard will go with me and drive me.
i was looking friday to carpeting for my floor i saw an awesome colour but on a other side the same looked soooooo boring that we were agree i had to watch it in real.LOL
we will
yeaaah i'm glad of being your friend official as well.
it's here now soft and sunny after a week of only rainy days it's really spring i see all kinds of plants coming out of the ground it's sooo great to see that.
on m y balcony i have some plants with flowers as well sooooo pretty ;-D
hey must eat now till sooon wish you lots of luck with your homework and more crafting time too.
love you and thanks for writing me , but don't worry anymore it's okay when you aren't in time;_D
I'm a little bit worried of you about the melting down in Japan you must have problems with that as well.
i hope less but... just tell me.
be safe sweetie and have a great nice creative and crafty weekend as well
love you and much hugs and kisses and fun;-D
Claira · 10 projects
Hey, just thought I hadn't said hi in a while, hope your having a good weekend! ^_^
Jam J.
Jam J. · 6 projects
Thanks for faving my DIY Wall Decorations From Old Cd Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi ooooh thank you sooo much for your friend request,
now we're reallly friends ,LOL i was thinking allready that, it was feeling like that.;-D
did you had time to go to see the doctor? i hope so.
i'm still out of breath-S
so it's still here very very quite.LOL
poor cats of me they will got an overdoses of Jet when i have more breath.LOL
have just uploaded a creation of an recyled project i have made.
Wolfje loves it.LOL
hey have a nice good peacefull restfull weekend sweetie, you will need it;-D
love hugs and more kisses my smilling friend;-D
i give you my biggest friendly smile ever to you;-D
jet xoxoxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaah so sorry for you.!!!-S
much comforting of me;-D!!!
about those meds humm when they tasted too bitter you can tread after wards them with some honey.LOL
i do this for muis my cat she swollow some meds everyday as well and because i use them too , i know how awefull they tasting so i give her some treads afterwards so she is fond to swollow the meds.LOL
so we can do the same.
or when it's a liquid i make them with less water and then i drink a nice cup of tea after wards or lemonade.LOL
hey we're just smart.LOL

Humm that's not good is your blood okay, it's not good for a teenager to start the day sooo tired out, let your self checked by an gp!!!!!
and tell your troubles of tiredout ness, i had often anaemia and that's easy to fix so ...;-D

and sometimes it's good to be ill, like you said there are always honey and movies to watch.
i have now a virus in fection in my longs so i 'm ill as well.
and tired out of taken breahts-S
but the tele is patienced and i love the silenceness here of me. i can't talk because i don't have to much air.
so i keep my mouth the whole time , my cats love it when i'm telling some thing to them.LOL
they suddenly loves me .LOL
now they are sleeping on my hugde polobear i have made years ago.
he 's tooo giant.LOL

i had to call of the appointment for my new wheels i thought okay this isn't not good by fitting him i must use all my energy allready to breath so when you have waited almost 2 years you can wait some weeks as well.
so he will coming the 15 th.
it will be a bright pink with some red on it.LOL
like it .
i'm finishing a project for saying goodbye to my choire , it's aweful funny kitschy.LOL
but they are kitschy so it's okay.
My friend Karin will loved it as well i think.LOL

hey i've you like please adding me to your friend list , i woould love t hat, still can't ask you of all my stupid computer problems-S aaargh.
when those things are working it's great but often. hlummmm it' s making live sometimes horrible.
hey take good care of your self and send you tons of hugs and comforting , and when you have falled a test ask for to make it over, or just ask what 's was wrong so you can learn it better mayby it's not told very clear to you.
or ... mayby you can get some help ;-D
hey much support of me.
and don't worry of your late respons i love it when you send one back if not it\s okay!!!;-D
hey have a nice comfy restful peacefull day and the same during this weekend;-D
love , hugs and some fun , be creative.;-D
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thanks a lot for favoring my bag!
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my DiY Print Dress Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my friend, LOL we are still not friends?
strange for me you're feel like a real friend.LOL
i can't ask you have more and more problems iwht my computer-SSSS
must call for some of them to fix , i don't can't receive my mails-S
it's a peaceful weekend without those mails.LOL
hey thank you for your fave on my plushie kitschy heart keyring project.
wish you much crafting fun with them and an awesome fun singing week as well
lots of hugs and kisses and creativity;-D
HollyPolly · Chesterfield, England, GB · 33 projects
Thanks for faving my nautical dress version Happy!
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hello Natalie. Thank you so much for faving my victorian mittons Happy
Danielle S.
Danielle S. · Manchester, England, GB · 7 projects
Thank you for the fave xx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my smiling friend;-DF
don't be too sorry, i understand it completly.;-D

oooh you know this of your cousin,
hummm i think like all those meds not yummy think bitter , so i swallow them so fast as i can with water.LOL
and the others the longer working ones are capsules so th ey don;t tast at all.
some times it's handy when i'm out of energy i can use my brains to get some energy but it's not good for my brains neither.
it' s like at the end of the day you have been ill some days and must recovering.
LOL i have been to the movies of whinnie the pooh with my sis, and we had more fun then the kiddo's in the sale.LOL
the trick was that i told my sis heey the rabbit is looking like mum and my sis told oooh and the piglet is Judtith and the... so on.LOL
so we had more fun then we have been normal.LOL
i was then i think allready in the 4oth.LOL
i think we never are to old to see things we like only sometimes we must add some fun towards it.LOL

I have been busy too this week.
i had to give the artgift to the prizewinner, and to see my friends and the family of Jeroen and some other people it was great to see each other in real life again.
Have missed them too much.
a year is a long time, but we needed that to heel of our lost of Jeroen.
everybody like the the artgift and found it Jeroen proofed.LOL
so they have asked m e to make the other ones yearly as well.
like that.
it will help me to go on without my dear friend.
with the others it was great to hear how they went personelly and how they cooped with their grieve and too we spook about our organisation.
told everybody about my big moove;-D

yeaaah mayby there will be a better nicer world i hope, still hopes it,
but we make a lot of differends and helping to suport this idea by our smilings;-D
when you smile other people start often to smile too.;-D

awesome that you have started a version and sugar not for all is it good,
i 'm allergic to sugar. so i must stay away of it.LOL
but sugar is yummie.LOL

Yes but they will remember me when they using the keyrings.LOL
and remembering those funny things they shared with me and other not so funny things.
and i'm not moving to the other end of the world.LOL
still living in holland.LOL
i had to laught of the reaction of a lot of people when they give an answer like this..wwoooow thats far away., and then i think it's to the next provincie, only and it's i think only 45 km
it's an hour traveling by car, so.... and i wil have my phone.:-D
hummm about picky , mayby they are, i think it's yelous , i have had those of others a lot, i try to stand above it though
i have offered often we can change but then you must have my whole package of live, and then they always say noooh thanks.LOL
i'm happy and satified with my life how it's
I know that not all people like to be an unhealthy persone.LOL

about the torch i have had it on here as a project .
so you can watch it too.

yeaaah those little ones are lovely but they reactions are not the way we think they will be.LOL
i think she was after all okay, h er dad was very kind and caring and understoods what was happening and how sorry i was .

humm that's a good idea for goin for some more research.
must laugh i had to open my last comment to you on your page and the one of yours to write you back.
but i think i have given you the right answers.;-D
hey had made soup and forgot to eat it, so it' wll be cold-S
hey have a great eve and a great n ice week , in holland they are free this week of school do you having too and free week?
hope so , if' not i wish you less homework and if so then have a great week off with a lot of fun
be my fave smiling girl, love you much hugs fun be crafty and creative and lots of kisses;-D
jet xoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxo
Claira · 10 projects
Hello, happy weekend! Hope you have a good one Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, oooh you becomin an overdosis of Jet.LOL
but thank y ou for your fave on my kitschy necklace ...project
hey till soon my dearest smiling friend;-D
lots of love fun hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, my sweet smiling friend;-D
saw just now that you have faved my birdcage hanger, thank you very very much.
i love birds only not in cages, i think i'm loving them soo much because the trees are the last years soooo big that i can see the birdies sitting on the brenches of the tree on the same level as myself.LOL
i live too long on the same place , when i got this appartment the trees where just reaching the third level of the building but now they are at the same level as the flat itself (6 flours)
hey much fun with the making of and much love my sweet friend.
have a great valentines day and a great funny week, let your voice be sounded;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, my dearest smiling friend;-D
a rebound is when you have adhd and uses the adhd meds it makes you focus and be calm and do the things like other people.LOL
but when they are worked out and i haven't taken the next one. i will got have a leak in that periode so i started to get jumpy and bouncing , i will be very busy with all things in the same time, and talks very fast and a lot.LOL
you have then an explosion of fake energy.
Some meds work for the adhd only 3,5 hours so you must take the whole day on the three hours an other pill.
Adhd persons having problems with remember the time and so it's very hard to be in time and t hen those strange things will happening.LOL
Hope you understand my explanation.
without de meds i'm thinking on the same time of hundreds idea's and can't do one thing at the time, can't focus my self.
for an outsider it's like tiger of winny de booh bounching the whole time .
then i'm will make everything to laught i'm a big good entertainer.LOL
but it's not good for me.

Yeaaah selfsuporting is the best , but sometimes it's good to aske for help when you need that as well.

Hey i loved you new project sooo sweet and lovely, well done.!!!!
i'm proud of you.;-D

oooh thank you for telling me that you loved the new kitschy things.LOL
i'm working at the moment on goodbye gifts for the choire.
it will be tearyearking heart wich will be very very kitschy.LOL
i think it's tooo kitschy. LOL
i will make of the same design of myself some keyrings of t hem too.
and for the men i still must design something.

Ooooh i have send today akkie the last pictures of the torch gift.
he send me directly an answer that he was flabber gasthed of the beauty of it.
sooo sweet.;-D
Friday Gerard was with me and i forgot to show him the torch but he is always looking in my house and saw him laying between the mess.LOL
and told me woooow that's beautiful Jet.
so i showed him how it was when it was lighting on.
my friends of the board has finely given me an answer and where glad that i took so many iniatifs/
glad that i didn't waited too long.LOL

aaah so sorry i asked to people to hold the door open , a smalll tiny girl would like to do that, so i could drive in the shop.
and told her that i loved her and that i found her soooo strong and big and tough.
she was proud too but i was in a hurry and would like some moments later to go to pay for my shoppings and asked her dad to go a side so i could go by the paydesk. he called his little girl and i din't know what was happening but i drove on her feet, she was not so fond of me anymore.
i felt sooooo sorry for her , told her dad that too.
but he give me a sign don't say to much to her. she is okay.
so later i said to her by leaving thank you sweetie.
poor kiddo;-D
always do my best with those small ones but sometimes .... it'goes wrong i don't can see what they will do suddenly.

glad that the her dad understood the problem.

wooow that's good that you will help those people , thank you for that.
Mayby there is a organisation that can tell you what those people need the most.
i always helps them too.
hey it' now eve and must eat still something and take a break.
till next time, and be gentle to yourselfs and take it easy all t hings will okay as well with some more time ;-D
he much love hugs and kisses will think of you and have a great good fun weekend as well.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi my dearest smiling friend;-D
i knew that we have some chinees communitee group in here as well, and they had their 100 celebreathing at the same time.
I like those people , they are soooo self supporting, Not like all the others.
they are too humble to ask for support , that's not good, but more asian people has that way.
so i can understand what you're telling me of how the girls in your country will behave, It's only said that only in Europe and some other rich countries the woman are emancipated, but i hearing of my nieces that some boys don't appreciated that toooooo much.
so some young girls don't act that way as well-S Sad!!!!
Hummm i didn't had a great week i was very disapointed of the community, they told me that they didn't wanted to help me with the moving because i knew this a year ago? It's there worse and worser policy of disabled people, so i'm glad i will leave this town. It's not of the bad economic but it's much longer going on.-S
In ten years i have seen it getting worse.
so... he told me that i had saved money i told him that wasn't possible when you can't work and have a small welfare money for years, he was agree with me.
I didn't say bad worse but i let him know that i didn't like this any more.
i must look now for other ways , i will.
i had after that news a crumpy eve and then i told my self a new day and new smiles to catch. It always works.LOL
They didn't want to help me last year with some suplies i need to be selfsuported so sad, so i have to spend a lot of times my savings to this sort of things.
Not soo bad but then you can't move .LOL
and when it was just in an other neigbhourhood it could be cheaper with riding a van a lot of times but this is much to far.
Hey guess i 'm almost finished with the art gift, Yesterday i have connecting the torch shape on the plank so he can hang and now i must buy a better female plug because the winner has a modern building so it's smarter to anticipate with that.LOL
and then i must do the bulb in it, its a green one, so it will live longer.LOL
and then the flame.
and the wrapping, must write Akkie , Jeroens brother , that i 'm ready.
and then ..... i must start with the goodbye presents for the choire, that will be very kitschy.LOL
and some other small things for my helping and caring people.
i know what i will make for t hem so it's okay.
i have promised Karin my friend to give her one of my recycling baggies.
It's from a special brand , mayby i will show it on here as well.
sooo lot\s to do.

Hey of not good engough that 's strange when your choire is good enough to joining a competition.LOL
and not the best , humm that 's not to bad, only having fun is good.
Did you know that when you sing and when you smile a lot that it efflects us to be more satified with our lives?
it's really so i have read it in a science article, it helps too against chronicle pain and depression.
not always some depressions are tooo heavy but all tiny bit are helping.
so often when i'm depressed and have to drive with my wheels a very long distance i sing all the tear yearking song i knew loud out.LOL
and then i had to laugh of my self because it must be a strange image a woman in wheels that singing those songs loudly.LOL
so i must often laught of myselfs as well.

humm i had done monday nicht some thing stupid suddenly i had too much enerby during the eve and i hold a closet out to sorting things , untill this morning all was laying on the floor , i couldn't drive throught my livingroom towards the frontdoor, but i had to drive throught the kitchen.LOL
not okay, later on i realized that i had a rebound of my meds-S
the other day i hadn't energy to clean those mess up.
but tomorrow Gerard is coming so i had too.OLOL
hey must go , i see it's here nine ' clock in the morning and i must dress my self before Gerard will comes
hey loved your letter , thank you for your good compeny and have an awesome fine good weekend
some crafting as well.LOL
love you my smiling friend, hugs, kisses , greetings and fun;-D
Sarah · Erfurt, Thuringia, DE · 110 projects
hi, thank you for favouring my bookmark Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my friend;=D
humm i'm not at algebra either, at first i didn'tunderstand it totally and at the end of the year i had the hightes points for it.LOL
but we could at that year our final exame lessons.
so i let it dropped.LOL
i did langueses and art classes and we had to choose between coocking and sewing.
i choose sewing.
ooh and some other lessons with i don't know the translation.LOL

teaching is a gift i like to teach as well.LOL i'm a teacher too.LOL
but i don't work in it , some times i give some lessons but just for the fun.;-D

Yeaah the art gift is great, i made some progress in it.
Have worked on the plank of hang the thing on the wall.
i will explain it. It's a gift for the prize so i thought it must be something special it's an honour to get it because they had done something special for it. but all the other prizes goin in a closet and will forget so i thought it must be something that you don't do in a closet so i thought it must be noticeable and remmembring of why they have gotten it.
so i thought of a torch and i have made a lamp of it.LOL
so it will light every day.LOL
on the torch shape there are a lot of pictures of our art exhibition living in the wild in the colours of our organisation and on the top i have made in the shape of flame the lampshape that i have covering up with the webbing .
and on the pictures there will come a bigger one of Jeroen with the text and his name and that is embroidered with gold yarn.
so i'm very satisfied today, have done all my homework for other people and ... all my calls that i had to made.
and mailed my real mail.

aaah that's not fine that you don't had to wear somthing warms on your uniform.
In holland we can weare our own cloths, but i know that 's not in every country the same.
woooow a choir, do you like to sing?
i love to sing , but you have read that mayby,;-D
at the moment i'm not singing in a choire but i will search for a choire in Haarlem.
but it must be fun or i must find an other thing to do.

LOL i'm doing that too , smiling to all kind of people and they often must laught too , it's working.
and i think it will help people to be less crumpy, some are really bad!!!
Specially now when the economic is soooo bad.
but humm i'm always poor so i think it doesn't matter any more for me.LOL

About the boy.
i have asked my last parner by myself. i was soooo in love for months and had told him all the times that i was really fond of h im and he said i'm fond of you too but i din't got the glue >LOL
so when he took me out to show his birthplace to me i have asked him on the top of the highest tower , i was sooooo scared so i started to tell him , i've you don't like it i hope we still can be friends but i love you sooo much that i wil go further.
and he was saying (thanks god )yes .
it was scarry , but i thought why not we live in the 1985 so i'm a girl with guts .LOL
still proud of it.LOL
But i know that in your country some things are going differently, so it would be even more scarry, but then you know where you stand.
so ... think of it, it's not strange to aske him , boy's can be very shy as well.LOL

i have dreamed last night it was funny because i waked up laughting out loud but whY????-S
my cats were sleeping on my bed and were awaked off my laughter so they started to beg for food.-S
i know then that i can't sleep anymore so i was an early bird.LOL

the colours are some brighter but not always it's depending of which i'm dreaming.
of last night i don't remember but i know of a friend that i had to share a bedroom for a few months that i have cried one night out loud as well, she thought it was her boyfriend so she would liked to wake him.
Then she found out it was me but she didn't waked me-S
didn't liked it of her.
but mayby it was better i had a big adventure it' was a nightmare and very awefull
but i knew that i had need that dream over and over to overwin it.
i have;-D

Yeaah homeworking isn't fun, but you can make it funnier.;-D
i always did a game with my self when i had to do this.
you're a creative girl so you can think what you like the most to do .

oooh it's cold here in holland it was a grey boring day, not fine .
i was glad that i was almost t he whole time in my house.
only for the mail i had to go out on the street, saw my boring nasthy neighbours and i said nice and polite hello but they didn't say anything so i thought humm you are soooo crumpy old bitches that you can't hear nice things any more
and then i heard the owner of the doggy telling something groooossssss
he eaten all the hancherchief of paper that lay on the street, hummm that can be healthy for a dog!!!!
the dog and the his owner are smelling ugly LOL my neighbour next door won't use the elevater when she had stand in it.LOL or she trying to keep her breat h the whole time, but it's an old elevator and we live on the fourth floor so it's hard to be done.LOL
i often put m y hand or a sleeve to my nose so i can smell my own smell.
not sooooo worse.
but Janne is living above her and the smell of that lady is coming throught the ceilling as welll, humm i don't have nice people above me but that must be worse.-S
living in a flat isn't always fun. but okay it's my house where i live so i must counting the day off.
it's going fast now.;-D
i will hear this month on which date i will got my new key;-=D
sooo excithing. but mayby i didn't tell you of my move.
i have got an new appartment in Haarlem it's totally new and not ready but it will in may. i will got a better driveable appartment, (i'm a wheelie, don't worry i'm adjust to that, sooo don't be sorry.;-D)
and i will got then more help and care on daily basis now i have sooo much problems with finding the right people .
and i will have finely the revalidation i'm waiting for for months.
so it's almost only great and better and then i will live on the top of the building (on the fourth floor again);-D i like to live high.LOL
and in the middle of the old centre what can a girl want to have more?!!!
so i'm a lucky girl.LOL

hey smiling girl , you will be my smiling friend.;-D
some friend of m e on h ere have got some nicknames by me, because they have something specials.
sheila is my cookie friend!!!! and Alf my cake friend and and LOL is my cookie monster friend you will be my smily friend.
If you don't like that just tell me then i don't do that.LOL
i had as a child many nicknames mostly i was called moortje its a cat name.
because i could sit curly almost in the theathing .LOL

hey musch succes with your homework
and have a nice day , for latter sleep well and have an beautifull dream,;-D
greetings and hugs and all my love
jet xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, don't worry i haven't the time too not always to written a comment back.
that's live we must do other things as well.-S
Yeaah often all the countries having the same problem of fever at the same periods.
Yeaaah it's very annoying. LOL
humm i'm much much better. but thank you.
yesterday i did all things wrong. I 'm working on an art gift for a yearly prize of the organisation disability affairs,.It's a prize for the best driveable building we got the prize in honour of my just died friend Jeroen , it' s now almost a year ago , still missing him very much. -S
I with some other friends were the organisation we had always much fun and great idea's and loved the fun and the actions, we were his board members.
so i have asked of the others permission to make t he art gift. Yesterday i was very nearby t he finish and then. .... i did some stupid things.
so today i had to do it allllllll over.-S
so i'm now on the same level again.LOL
and i had to do my adminstration. filling form for the community workers in Haarlem were i will move to.
but i forgot the whole time where and what i really had to do so it costed me the whole day to finished those two letters.LOL
Later on i found out that i had forgotten my meds-S That was the cause of all my jumping brains.LOL
I had a nice dream but i can't remember it, sometimes i love the sphere and the exciting things you can do in those dreams. and the colours, .
do you dream in colours? not all persons does that.
when i heard that i was suprised because i thought everybody did dreaming in colours.
Mostly i must try to hold my final examinations of the art academy and i try to come in time by tram other public travlings things.
strange it is already so much years ago.LOL
Or i'm walking in strange buildings which i like to watch,
and once but that was a dissapointment. i had done a whole art piece that i had to start at school in one night, when i waked up i thought woooow i'm finished such a fun and such a relieve and some minutes later i realized that it wasn't true.LOL
and that i had to start still.LOL
but i loved the design which i had dreamed of so i have used that later, at the end i had got a nine on the art academy is that a very high number.
because all the students are very talented.-D
hey hope you don't have to do tooo much homework, wish you much succes, must you learn things? or just making ?
My helping friend Gerard is a teacher as well. but he is always friendly to his students.
and suporting, like that of him.
but he is that to my as well.LOL
i have done a lesson with him together on the academy of his daughter , and it was big fun. i liked it .
i had to laught he said suddenly some thing strange and nobody was reacting on it. at first i thought huh ? and then he did it again, so i started to laugh and i was again the only one.LOL I think he 's daughter was allready adjust to this kind of things. -D
i had given him art lessons in the museon to show him some special things and he was flabber gasted of it.
Like those things, like to see more things of somebody.
hey much fun and succes at school this week, hope you can hop to this site this week , hey much love , hugs , fun and .xxxxxx

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi , oooh that's good to hear that you're not ill.
in Holland the flu is all over here.-S not fine, i had only got a small version because i had have the injection for against the flu so it wasn't such bad thing.
Lol so you love big talkers, that's great
humm i have the same when people only make one word i only tells them thanks and that's it.LOL
LOL yeah that's right your have had the day allmost done we are at the moment at the end of the afternoon.
hey sleep well, great nice dream. (i love dreams , they are sooo strange and fun to analyze.LOL)
hey have a fun sunday, let you show your valentine presents that you have made on here, you made me curious about it.LOL
till soon i hope;-D xxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw poor you, are you sick or ill?
i 'm stucked for almost a year to my home-S so i know the feeling.LOL
not fine but crafting helps me and having some friends on here as well.
You're very welcome , feel free to ask me things or write,
but i must warne you i'm a big talker.LOL not every body likes that.LOL
but i don't exspect the same back.LOL
it's just my jumping brains.
and that's me;-D
Happy that i have cheered you up;-D
thank you for your sweet words on the message box, it' wasn\'t my own idea but that of that lady's blog, but i love to make one for my friend Sheila .
and... making my own version of it.LOL
always things now i will make one thing like they did, but always ending with something else.LOL
hey have a nice day;-D xxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Natalie, wooow you're living far away;-D
have seen some picture in a magazine of your city , it looked very beautiful,
hey thank you for your fave on mylove message match box. Humm i see now that i have written it wrong.LOL
but i have still problems with writing two langues the whole day , so i make very strange mistakes.LOL in both of them.LOL
poor people.;-D
hey wish you much fun with the making of and still (it's late ) welcome on this site i see that nobody has written it on your page.
hope you like it here a lot and find some friends as well;-D
hey hope you have a great fun crafting weekend ;-D
JJ S. · Arizona Village, Arizona, US · 5 projects
Hi, and thanks for the fave!