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For the bird lover in our ghoulish hearts
Start with an unfinished wood birdhouse, u can get them at any craft/hobby store. Then paint, be creative. Then you want to attach your skulls, spiders, bones, etc. with the hotglue. If you have those halloween rings but they're not black or white just paint them with acyrlic paint. Cut the ring band off and hot glue where you like. Then cut the loops off your cherub button and hot glue at top of the face of the roof like a gargoyle of sorts. Then you want to hot glue your bird on the roof. I painted some more gray and black on my bird because it was hard to find them in those colors, so that's an option too. This project is easy and fun, you could even get more creative and add headstones or skelletons or a nest inside. Basically you want it to have the look of a crypt. Have fun with it and keep it creepy!

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Lucifer A.
Lucifer A. · Boca Raton, Florida, US · 7 projects
Super cute!


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