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You can have really shiny hair with believe it or not.......Vodka!
You can use alcohol to make your hair shiny without drinking it. (I would never suggest that anyway) Use Vodka and other stuff to get the shiny hair you want even in the winter!

You can use eggs or mayonnaise to make an all natural conditioner and add about a shot of Vodka to it, and just a touch of perfumed oil.

Soak your hair in the mixture for 30 minutes and rinse.

The Vodka tightens up the porous strands of your hair and the oil and eggs or mayo makes it shine even more.

You see, the more porous hair is, the duller it looks and the easier it is to get split ends and so on.

Shine on, Girls!

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Vicious Delicious
Vicious Delicious · Bodegraven, South Holland, NL
you can better leave the wodka open for a day or even a week because the alcohol needs to damp out of it before you put it in your hair. alcohol dries your hair out just like your skin and body.

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