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You really do not have to have the same stool as everybody else.
You really do not have to have the same stool as everybody else. You can customise your perch to suit you. I think this map stool is a much nicer way of finding your way around than a gps. And it’s much more useful when you have tired feet. I made this one with a map of the north west of Western Australia (where I used
to live). Maybe you could chart your own life with these cute stools too? You could use this idea to cover a bedhead or a little table too, couldn’t you?

Make Hey While the Sun Shines by Pip Lincolne is published by Hardie Grant

Posted by Hardie Grant from London, United Kingdom • Published See Hardie Grant's 83 projects » © 2023 Pip Lincolne / Hardie Grant Books · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    Prepare your template

    Measure the seat of your stool. We need to make a
    template from the newspaper, so draw the shape
    of your seat up exactly and cut it out. Put your
    newspaper template atop your stool and make sure
    it’s a good fi t. If it isn’t, back to the drawing board
    and try again.

  • Step 2

    Cut out your map shape

    Take your template and place it on top of your map.
    You want to make sure that you are using your very
    favourite part of the map. Blu-Tack the template into
    position on the map and cut around the template
    carefully with sharp scissors and a steady hand.

  • Step 3

    Glue your map to your stool

    Apply your Mod Podge or PVA glue sparingly to the
    stool, starting at the top edge and applying it slowly
    all the way down your stool. Make sure it’s nicely
    smoothed out and lump free. Put your map atop
    the glue and carefully smooth out any air bubbles,
    continue working your way downwards, applying
    slowly and carefully and then smoothing your map
    down. If any air bubbles do form, smooth them out
    with your fingers. Allow your stool to dry for at
    least 2 hours. (Use a pin to prick the centre of any
    stubborn remaining air bubbles.)

  • Step 4

    Seal your stool

    Apply three or four more coats of Mod Podge or
    découpage sealer to your stool, allowing each coat to
    dry thoroughly before starting on the next.

  • Step 5


    You could do this to a little side table … or even a big
    table! Try something other than a map for the stool
    top, maybe vintage storybook pages, old newspapers
    or lovely wallpaper. Make a whole set of these for
    the cutest dinner party seating!

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