Publisher's Description

An eclectic, bright, and whimsical craft book packed with unique, off beat projects to spark creativity. This is not your standard craft book. There are no baby booties included and pastel colors are kept to an absolute minimum. Pip Lincolne sees everything a little differently, and in Make Hey!, she makes her bright and quirky world accessible to all—young, old, beginners, and advanced crafters alike. If you have a special child in your life, treat them with the adorable Piggyback Pocket Monkey, a monkey-shaped backpack with a hidden pocket. For someone stylish, try a Sweet Ride Bike-Seat Cover to jazz up their push-bike. And while you’re thinking about your next project, perhaps the Huckleberry Bottle Totes as a lovelier way to carry wine, a Geography seat—somewhere to rest or learn about the world, or some Nanna Baubles to liven up your Christmas tree, you can use the five pullout recipe cards to make yourself a tasty treat! In addition to being packed full of fun and inspiration, Pip includes loads of practical information. The how-to section covers basic sewing, knitting, and crochet stitches and a glossary of common crafty terms and tools, and there are also patterns to pull out. Pip even suggests some music to put you in a crafty mood, some TV shows to keep you company while crocheting, and some books to relax with in your downtime.