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After deciding what costume I wanted to create for gamesday, the first thing I decided to create was the pelt my beastman would be wearing.
At this stage I had studied several wolf pictures to see how the head was shaped and started to carve it out of foam.
Once happy with the overall shape, I sculpted clay muscles to look as if it was snarling and cast resin eyes.
I also sculpted the nose and created texture my painting over in black tinted rubber latex which was then brushed over with lace to give a dimpled effect.
Also due to the scale of my main costume the wolf head has been upscaled so once compared with the costume it wouldn't appear tiny.
This also fits in with the history of the beastmen and that they share their territories with dire wolves.

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Debbie Michelle P.
Debbie Michelle P. · 6 projects
A squig bag? Ah that would so be awesome!
Curse me not thinking of it lol.
Dragoness · 28 projects
i have a big black coat already, just have to make the =]= and preferably find some black boots that dont have a heel.
also making a squig bag Happy
Debbie Michelle P.
Debbie Michelle P. · 6 projects
That would be so awesome! Happy
I was pondering about going as an inquisitor myself but by the time I worked out the price for everything it would have been crazy money lol.
I hope you two have fun Happy
Dragoness · 28 projects
I'm going as an inquisitor, maybe with an ork slave, or imperial guardsman by my side (my fiancé)

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