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A friend of mine is having a baby boy, so I decided my gift would be the best ever.
My friend moved with his GF and some months later they were pregnant ! My gift just had to be the best so I made these for the couple's first Xmas (baby arrives in 2013...).

These cuties are based on two different tutorials found on the internet: the "He's all boy" baby cap from http://thismamamakesstuff.com/hes-all-boy-baby-cap-tutorial/ and the cloth shoe from http://stardustshoes.blogspot.fr/2006/10/cloth-shoe-pattern.html. For fabric I use old man pants I found at the flea market, with an old brown soft t-shirt for lining (and soft blue fleece for the shoes heel). I do prefer playing with genders this way than with the old "rose for girls, blue for boys" stuff which I abhor.

Those were the first baby clothes I've ever made, hope it will fit right!

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