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No need to sell your soul to the devil to save your favorite shoes!
I have this pair of high tops that I love to pieces, but I've warn them so much that I've got holes in the soles and no padding in the foot, but it takes so long to break them in that I thought I'd try and save these instead of getting new ones.

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  • Step 1

    First, pull out your laces so they wont get in the way, then cut along the sides where the inside of the shoe is glued down, then cut off whatever rubber is hanging off, or ripped on the sole

  • Step 2

    Next, cut out some plastic to fit over the holes in the sole, and glue it down. I used hot glue, but I'd suggest gorilla glue or super glue. I also used the plastic from an old floppy disc because it was light and easy to glue down

  • Step 3

    Now take your stuffing in chunks and glue them to one square on the inside. Repeat this until you're satisfied.

    I used a bobby pin to push the fill down so I wouldn't burn my fingers

  • Step 4

    And you're done! I didn't seal the inside of my shoe down in case I needed to put in more filling, but you can, and then just cut it open again if you need more. I'm pretty sure this isn't going to be a permanent solution, but it's fast and easy, so I don't mind it

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Korii L.
Korii L. · 7 projects
The photos I have up are the stuffing in the shoe and the sole, which are the only changes I made to the shoe.
camilaustral · Concepcion, Bio-Bio, CL · 9 projects
interesting idea, i would like to see some more photos, please

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