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I've become a huge fan of plugs and I wanted to create a less permanent solution to streching your ears!
They turned out great and look pretty real! :)

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  • How to make a plug earring. Faux Plugs - Step 1
    Step 1

    STEP 1: Separate two balls of polymer clay, smaller than the size of a golf ball.

    STEP 2: Roll them both out into cones that create a point at the end.

    STEP 3: Bend them down like so.

    STEP 4: Cut a chunk of polymer clay from your earrings. Then push the earring post into it.

    STEP 5: Take a tiny bit of clay, squish it so its flat and put it over earring post, this helps to secure it. Smooth it out with your fingers.

    STEP 6: Attach the clasp part of the earring into the rest of the polymer clay piece. Use the earring to poke a hole all the way through the clasp and into the polymer clay. Make sure not to move it too much after this so you don't close the hole.

  • How to make a plug earring. Faux Plugs - Step 2
    Step 2

    STEP 7: Bake according to directions and after push earring into polymer clay to make a definite hole.
    Wear them and make a rockin' statement! :) Happy Crafting!

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 <3TwIsTeD rAiNbOw <3
<3TwIsTeD rAiNbOw <3 · Justin, Texas, US · 3 projects
Way better than the 13 dollar ones at hottopic ^-^
great idea, i wanted to get fake plugs made for my septum piercing because i deff didn"t want to stretch my septum. and i have trouble finding them that would work for it.
trinity.levy · Phoenix, Arizona, US
You are AWESOME :0 Now I can make some the way I want to instead of going to Hot Topic :3
dezarae.hurtado · Riverside, California, US · 13 projects
You should use a glaze before wearing them they could cause a infections to the ears due to the chemicals in the clay
any kind of glaze?
dezarae.hurtado · Riverside, California, US · 13 projects
The glaze for polymer clay it will be in a clear bottle usually they have a matte or gloss glaze for the clay,they have it at michaels or at mine anyways. ill have to go into work and find out the name for you

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