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Our (Dead) Feathered Friend.
I've wanted a real bird skull necklace for a long time. (ever since i saw one on that "Gingersnaps" movie), but i dont really wear necklaces. So i made this awesome ring instead! (And its way more humane in clay ;D )

I molded the skull from white clay, then the ring base from black clay, and stuck them together. Baked. Then sanded the inside base to better fit my finger. Then i put a brown wash over the skull to give it a antique & real look. And gloss.

I'm obsessed with it now. I cant take it off.

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DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
That sounds awesome!
I've seen those rings too, on ebay. I really wanted one, but i just hated how fake they looked. I'd rather have a more gorey authentic one. lol
Andrea · Austin, Texas, US · 45 projects
I really like this I see this bird skull jewelry a lot
Urban Outfitters was selling theirs for 18 bucks+ and this random shop was selling theirs for 100+ I thought I could do it for a lot cheaper so I made a gold one well painted gold I'll upload it tomorrow

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