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Book Made Out Of Lunch Bags
When stacking, alternate which end lays on top of the other. If you have the open end on the left and the bottom on the right, the next bag would have the bottom on the left and the open end on the right. Fold down the end that you would put your food into about 1/2" and glue. Fold back the "bottom" of the bag so it meets the edge of the bag and glue it down.
Place one bag on top of the other and fold in half. Staple along the fold.
Use several colors to create a background. This is not a science as it will be covered up later.
After you have painted each page and it has dried, write, draw or stamp what you would like to have in your book and use the paints to color in your images. Be messy if you want to. Then just go back over with the marker once again. Fill in the background with more color if needed and use white to highlight around things if you'd like to.
Embellish as desired. (use some scrap fabric to cover the staples)
I put the time as 1:30, but that is only because it is so much fun. You can loose yourself in the creativity.

Note: you can use as many bags as the stapler will punch through, but just remember that will be a lot of drawing and lots of ideas for each page. With just 2 bags, you have 6 pages to cover!
I'm showing 2 different books here.

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Bethany B.
Bethany B. · Asbury Park, New Jersey, US · 1 project
this looks really cool, but the directions are a little hard to understand. i'd like to do this in my classroom one day
Gertie · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 52 projects
i make these all the time and used them during the summer would a couple groups to make camp journals. I even made some for part of my co-workers at the end of the season.

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