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my failed attempt of a faux hawk which turned out good XD
i was trying to attempt a faux hawk but not enough hairgel , liked how it turned out though :D

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SilverFilmRoses · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 8 projects
Tease and hairspray. I did a how-to a while back where I twisted up the sides. You could smooth the sides back with hairspray and bobby pins instead. But I find that directing the sides up and pinning them makes for a fuller mohawk.
Cara D.
Cara D. · 4 projects
thank you soo much, im gonna try this as soon as possible haha Happy
Comatose_Angel · Pocatello, Idaho, US · 1 project
Actually, if you use hairspray it works a ton better. Hold your hair how you want it, spray it really good, then blow dry it. Then spray again, blow dry, and keep going until it stays. Got2be Glued Hairspray works best, mostly cause you don't need as much with it. Though, you can use just about any hairspray as long as it isn't in a pump bottle. (I've found that the pump bottle hairspray tends to be too wet) Hope this helps. This is how I get my mohawk up.

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