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Looking to improve and treat your oily or combo skin? Pamper yourself with a face mask!
If you're looking for a little skin help, look no further than your kitchen! Homemade face masks are a fun and cheap way to relax and feed your skin.

Oily and combination skin types share similar problems: large pores, grease, clogged pores and pimples. Read below to create your own solution mask.

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  • How to make a clay face mask. Face Mask (Oily And Combination Skin) - Step 1
    Step 1

    When I whip up a face mask, I usually use two basic parts: a liquid and a solid (usually a powder of some sort). There are many different solid materials to mix into a mask, and they all have different purposes and effects. Here are a list of dry ingredients that are suitable for oily and combo skins:
    - Chickpea flour (wonderful for toning, balancing oil production and even healing pimples)
    - Clay (green and bentonite are excellent for these skin types. Clay sucks impurities out of your skin, and dries up pimples)
    - Milk or buttermilk powder (leaves your face smooth because of its gentle acids, excellent for toning)
    - Oatmeal (leaves your skin soft, perfect for sensitive skins, helps treat zits)
    - Sandalwood powder (wonderful for toning skin and zapping zits)
    - Crushed flowers such as lavender, rose and calendula (a luxurious additive that smells wonderful and soothes the skin)
    - Turmeric (excellent for brightening skin tone and soothing acne- beware though, this will turn your skin yellow. Leave on a turmeric mask for only ten minutes, and make sure to remove with cleanser and toner!)
    - Green tea (extremely soothing and gentle enough for sensitive skins)
    - Powdered seaweed (excellent for firming skin and suitable for sensitive types)
    - Powdered dried orange and/or lemon peels (wonderful for toning, zapping zits and imparting a glow)
    I usually like to mix the solids I use, especially when I add pinches of beneficial herbs (such as rosemary, basily, ground bay leaves, nutmeg and cinnamon).

  • How to make a clay face mask. Face Mask (Oily And Combination Skin) - Step 2
    Step 2

    There are a plethora of liquids you can add to your masks to ensure a creamy texture and easy application. Here are a list of liquids that suit oily or combo skin types:
    - Lemon, grapefruit, lime and/or orange juice (wonderful for brightening skin tone, exfoliating and zapping zits)
    - Fruit or vegetable juices/mashes such as watermelon, melon, grape, apple, kiwi, strawberries, rasberries, blue berries, tomato, cucumber (fruit acids are excellent for exfoliating and evening skin tone- tomato is specifically great for these skin types because it treats pimples, while cucumber is excellent for sensitive skins)
    - Aloe vera gel (extremely healing and wonderful for treating zits)
    - Apple cider vinegar (only suitable for tolerant skins, but works wonders in evening skin tone- it kills pimples and helps fade marks left by acne)
    - Milk (make sure to use full fat- its excellent in exfoliating because of its gentle acids)
    - Rosewater (soothing and suitable for sensitive skins)
    - Yogurt (feels divine on your skin, excellent in evening skin tone- make sure to use full fat!)
    - Honey (my absolute favourite liquid to use in face masks- I use it almost every time I create one. It kills zits, evens skin tone and will never dry your skin out- it is a very healing substance)
    - Egg whites (wonderful for firming the skin and temporarily tightening pores)

  • How to make a clay face mask. Face Mask (Oily And Combination Skin) - Step 3
    Step 3

    For another beneficial zing, you might like to add a couple drops of essential oil to your mix. There are a variety of oils suitable for oily and combo skins, so I advise you to further research the best fit for you online. Here are a list of essential oils that are suitable for oily and combo skins: rosemary, lavender, lemon, grapefruit, ylang ylang, patchouli, tea tree oil, bergamont, clary sage, sandalwood and rose.

  • How to make a clay face mask. Face Mask (Oily And Combination Skin) - Step 4
    Step 4

    After gathering your ingredients, mix your solid(s) and liquid(s) using a 1:1 ratio. You may need to adjust depending on your ingredients- add as much or as little of either liquid or solid until you have a smooth, creamy consistency. Of course, you don't need to *only* use a solid and liquid method- for example, a wonderful and effective mask is crushed strawberries with a drop of honey and lemon juice.

  • How to make a clay face mask. Face Mask (Oily And Combination Skin) - Step 5
    Step 5

    Wash your face with your regular cleanser and if your mask isn't the exfoliating kind, use a gentle srub so the ingredients can better penetrate your skin. Make sure that your hair is out of your face by wearing a head band and, if length permits, tie your hair in a pony tail. Using clean hands, apply the mask to your face in gentle, upward circles. If it so pleases you, apply it all over your neck and chest.

  • How to make a clay face mask. Face Mask (Oily And Combination Skin) - Step 6
    Step 6

    Leave the mask on anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour, or in some cases, until your mask has dried. If you're using turmeric, or any other potentially staining ingredient, leave the mask on for *only* ten minutes.

  • How to make a clay face mask. Face Mask (Oily And Combination Skin) - Step 7
    Step 7

    After your time is up, gently rinse off your mask and pat your face dry (make sure no unwanted chunks have been overlooked). Tone, moisturize and voila! Enjoy your fresh, soft and clean skin.

  • How to make a clay face mask. Face Mask (Oily And Combination Skin) - Step 8
    Step 8

    Research. Learn more about your ingredients and discover so many more (I've covered so few!). This way, you'll be able to design your own masks specific to your needs.

  • How to make a clay face mask. Face Mask (Oily And Combination Skin) - Step 9
    Step 9

    Experiment, experiment, experiment! There are so many possibilities, and so many different benefits you can reap. Keep it simple: rub a tomato all over your face and leave it on for twenty minutes for smooth, glowing skin. Or step it up: mix clay with a squirt of lemon juice and milk for an exfoliating and purging mask.

  • How to make a clay face mask. Face Mask (Oily And Combination Skin) - Step 10
    Step 10

    You can never go wrong with:
    - Honey. Even a layer applied to your face for twenty minutes will be benefitial.
    - Fruits or vegetables. A mashed veggie or fruit is the perfect natural face mask
    - Lemon juice and egg whites. Whisk a teaspoon of juice with one egg white until frothy, and apply to your face. Leave this on until it dries, and rinse for a quick pick me up.
    - Milk or buttermilk powder. Mixed with honey, this is an amazingly softening and toning mask (even mixed with just water!)
    - Clay. If your face is breaking out or clogged pores are troubling you, mix your own clay mask and use it once to three times a week. Add a dash of tea tree oil for extra pimple busting effects. (Wash off when it dries!)
    - Chickpea flour. This stuff is excellent in balancing oil production. Mix with water (or even better, rosewater) and don't wash it off until the mask has dried. The ol' greasies won't come back until much later.

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pinksheep · 1 project
Where can you buy the clay for these masks? :o
emery b.
emery b.
I made mine out of plain oatmeal, green tea (I put the left over leaves in mixture after the liquid tea was mixed in), and lemon juice. I left it on for 40 minutes, and my skin is soooo soft and smooth now! It's not oily like is usually is when I normally wash it and don't put on make-up, and my chin had dry skin which is gone now. I plan on doing this once a week! Thank you for these great tips! So easy, too.
Lovette'sz-xoxo · 15 projects
my moms so strict about thse..
i cant move my face b/c she says
its gna create premature wrinkles
is my mother righhtt?
Lexie D.
Lexie D. · Los Angeles, California, US
Finally! A mask for oily and combo skin! Thanks!
Sophee P.
Sophee P. · Oakland, California, US · 2 projects
thank you lady!
Ezme · Wantage, England, GB · 25 projects
wow! this is cool!
i have that key bored! ;)
queenfairypants · Manchester, England, GB · 75 projects
damn! I bought some facemasks today, they were cheap but I should have just made my own!!! thaanks

mangolicious · New Delhi, Delhi, IN · 4 projects
thanx a lot for posting this up...its like a lot of information under one roof(one topic,for that matter..lol!!) Happy
Gabby. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 19 projects
Yay!! i always love when people post how tos, for the skin/!!
Thank you sooo much!

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