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a keyfob of a cat in traditional dutch dress made of shrinky dink
Because i would like to send two of my friends a really dutch crafting present i thought of making this pussycat.
I found this pussycat in my new pussycat deluxe agenda and i was drawing her and thought this will be a nice gift for them.
I saw there were pussycat in other country traditional dress outfits as well so you can make your own country cat.LOL I have add the links of some pictures of pussycat in other tradional dresses from other countries, so you can use them, they are on the last step to find.
and because sheila got one too, i thought it would be swell for her that the cat has a wiggling tail, like her dogbag has , one of her awesome projects!!!!
hope you like it.
and make one your self it's a great nice easy to make quick gift;-D

Posted by Jet H. from Haarlem, North Holland, The Netherlands • Published See Jet H.'s 107 projects »

  • How to make a paper charm. Dutchs Pussycat Keyholder - Step 1
    Step 1

    choose the picture you want to drawand want to use.
    i have used this one because she is wearing the traditional dress from a place in Holland.

  • How to make a paper charm. Dutchs Pussycat Keyholder - Step 2
    Step 2

    Okay look at the districptions of the package of your brand of shrinky dinks, mine is 4 times decreasing his own seize.
    so i had to make it 4 times bigger.
    You can use mine drawing , but you can use too your own.

  • Step 3

    Draw the picture on the right size you have made or made by a computer programme or by photocoping on the raw side of the shrinky dink,
    and colour your design.

    some sharpies are wet, so be sure it all dried up when you will cut your desing out.
    and make some holes one in the head
    one in the body and one in the tail with your hole punch.

  • Step 4

    Now the baking,
    i have a hot airoven, so all ovens has other stands, i used 140 degrees and 3 minutes.
    I's not only dependingly of the oven but too of the brand, check it out.
    and .... watch the proces of the baking.

  • How to make a paper charm. Dutchs Pussycat Keyholder - Step 5
    Step 5

    after some cooling down.
    this was mine result-S

  • How to make a paper charm. Dutchs Pussycat Keyholder - Step 6
    Step 6

    I wasn't pleased at all so i have pimped them up with my 3d paint and it became like i wanted.

    open some jumping rings and make all the pieces togetger the tail on the body.
    the head on the keyholder and your done.
    only now the wrapping paper and the sending or giving to friends.

    use your fantasie
    here are some links for your own country historical dress to make;


    cats in tradional costumes.



Lonelywolf · Katwijk, Zuid-Holland, NL · 13 projects
I love this! I really need to buy shrink paper! Happy
Jolanda · Nederland, Colorado, US · 54 projects
echt super leuk! xx
Ida Ilona van Toor
Ida Ilona van Toor · Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland, NL · 22 projects
Jet, GEWELDIG grappig Happy
Dikke kus,
Carsmystical · Loganholme, Queensland, AU · 18 projects
I love cats, this will be made.... : )
Thank you for sharing this cute lil kitty with us. Also will be my first skrink dinks so fingers crossed...

Thank you again
Carsmystical (Cindy)
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
This is so great, I dont do as good with
shrink dink as you do, I need more practice..love it so much..huggs xoxoxo
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hi Jet. I'm so glad you have made this into a how too. I love my little cat in it's traditional clothes Happy
karindehaas · 31 projects
Wat een schatje, jammer dat ze hier geen shrink plastic verkopen, misschien een keer met klei proberen. kusjes en knuffels, Karin

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