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Simple but cute drawstring denim bag
One hour is the time that I think I'll need to do this project using sewing machine. But I sew everything by hand so it took alot longer to finish this bag.

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You Will Need

  • Step 1

    a. Fold your jeans in half. Cut the legs depending on how big or small you wanted your bag to be.
    b. Cut the bottom hem and open the inside seams of both legs.
    c. Right side together (wrong side on the outside), sew both layers of jeans to create big tube.
    d. Sew the bottom part of the bag twice to make sure that your bag would be able to keep everything you throu in it inside.
    e. Turn your bag inside out (right side on the outside), hemmed your bag's 'mouth'.
    f. You could use eyelets, or button holes in my case, for the drawstring. Make small holes around 2 and a half inch under the 'mouth' and start sewing around them. Then thread your drawstring
    g. For the strap, I'm using old curtain tie-back rope. I sew both ends together to create a big O. Put the rope around the bag and sew.
    h. And you're done.

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