My goal is to be the best wife and mom I can be! And hopefully to recover and get better so I can enjoy both!

I want to learn to follow God`s will for me. To remember that even when evil finds a way into my path or blocks it entirely...GOD will turn it around & use it for good! Although I have recently learnt that doing what God expects and what is right is sometimes SO VERY HARD, but I KNOW GOD WILL HOLD MY HAND AND WALK WITH ME THROUGH IT ALL!

I am a mother of 5, 2 who are my own and 3 step-children. I love all my children very much & consider my memories of each of them more precious than gold, in fact, they are priceless, as they are all growing up & maturing far too quick! I want to be able to be a good mother and role model for them, and hopefully friends!

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