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Fabulous Felt
These little bunnies are adorable and will look great as a group. Place them on a shelf, the mantelpiece or your Easter table for a cute spring touch. I was inspired when at the local farm with my children and we saw a group of rabbits eating grass. They looked like they were having a little chat and a giggle!

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© 2022 Corinne Lapierre / Search Press · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    Cut out the templates and transfer to the felt. You will need two bodies, one head piece and two ears in the fur-coloured felt and one tummy, two inner ears and one tail in the white felt. Cut the felt.
    For best results, I would advise splitting your thread and using only two or three strands as all the stitches will need to be small and delicate.

  • Step 2

Embroider the eyes and the whiskers on each side, using 
backstitch or simple long stitches.

  • How to make rabbit plushie. Decorative Rabbits - Step 3
    Step 3

    Place the white inner ear on top of the coloured ear and stitch with small overhand stitches. Fold the base in half to give it a bit of depth and sew small overhand stitches along the base.

  • How to make rabbit plushie. Decorative Rabbits - Step 4
    Step 4

    Place the top of the head piece onto one side of the body and start sewing with an overhand stitch from the nose point D, going up towards the top of the head.

    When you reach the place for the ears, simply insert them with the white facing forward and carry on stitching through the side layer, the ear and the top of the head. Sew all the way to point C.

  • Step 5

    Position the other side of the body, matching points C and D and stitch from C to D. Do not forget to insert the other ear!
    Sew the two body sides together at the chin from D to B.

  • Step 6

    Place a few straight stitches close together on the point of the nose. This will keep the end tidy and make a cute nose

  • How to make rabbit plushie. Decorative Rabbits - Step 7
    Step 7

    Add the tummy piece, matching the front and back legs to the body pieces. Stitch from point B and sew all the way to A on one side and then back to B on the other side.

    Fill your bunny with the toy stuffing, making sure it goes into the nose and legs to give them a nice shape. Close the body completely by sewing from A to C and adding a bit more toy stuffing if necessary.

  • How to make rabbit plushie. Decorative Rabbits - Step 8
    Step 8

    To make the tail, close to the edge of the circle with a loose running stitch and don’t cut the thread. Pull gently on the thread to gather the felt and form a ball shape. Place a small amount of toy stuffing inside and knot the ends of the thread. Attach the tail to the bunny’s behind with small stitches all the way round. Finally, tie the ribbon around the bunny’s neck and finish with a bow.

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Suzanne D.
Suzanne D. · Montreal, Quebec, CA · 2 projects
The bunnies are so cute!!!!Love Love Love Love

Deb E.
Deb E. · Kitchener, Ontario, CA
I tried to download the templates and it didn't work. Arghhh! The rabbit is adorable.
Wild A.
Wild A.
Impossible to download templates as well.
sharon t.
sharon t.
cant open pattern files, sorry, loved the rabbit, but can't make it
Jo D.
Jo D. · London, GB
Impossible to download templates
Deb E.
Deb E. · Kitchener, Ontario, CA
I tried to download the templates. It didn't work.

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