My loves are: cross-stitch, knitting blankets with a single crochet, sewing small quilts, making stationary, and felt crafts kits, as well as easy craft kits, photography, sewing by hand, small animals, making beaded and simple jewelry for kids, warm mats to lay on -for animals and the homeless, handmade cards and written letters to comfort those alone, making rag dolls and cross-stitched baby items and knitted blankets for new mothers.
I want want to learn to to knit and crochet blankets and learn any kind of items I can, to help directly give to the homeless and poor in my area, as well as to help unwed mothers and abused and neglected children. I want to learn to make items to ease and comfort the trauma, that many families, children and those animals left behind, during Covid and natural disasters. I just want to walk on the street with a dedicated group that does these things. I want to bring a smile, to any child or vet, who is in the hospital or vet center and alone during the holdiays, but I want to HAND DELIVERY them, to each person and animal. Can any one at all, please give me some places that will allow me to reach other to those on the street, every day and where there is a need in this country, where I can ease the suffering and allow me to visit those in hospitals, vet centers, nursing homes, pet shelters and living alone and struggling with depression of disabilities, mental difficulties or loss? Please send the addresses to me here or to gourd49@gmail.com. Thank you so much!---Lynn PS: I hope to make a lot of like minded friends here! Lets' share our ideas with me. The only thing, I don't like about this site, is it doesn't give ful size pattens and I don't know how to expand them to size and don't have a printer. There's SO many more crafts I like to do. Let's talk about yours and mine! Thank you for welcoming me! Happy

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