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A drawstring skirt made from old T-Shirts
I started out making a simple no sew skirt, but the measurements came out wrong. I loved the shirt I had cut out, so I couldn't just give up and throw it away. Luckily I had another old shirt the same color. I started out with two larger (but not large enough!) rectangles. I added two rectangles from the new shirt to make it bigger. I didn't measure, so it was loose. I added a waistband from the bottom of the original skirt. I had cut the bottom band of the shirt just above the hem, so I sewed that onto the bottom instead of simply hemming. This way I had a clean bottom, and I sewed it in such a way that my sewing was hidden and you could only see their hem. I used the bottom band from a grey shirt as the string (I have been cutting up a lot of tees thanks to Generation T). Shoelaces and ribbon would work, too. I think it was worth the effort.

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