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crocheted mushrooms

Posted by maedchenmitherz from Germany, Pennsylvania, United States • Published See maedchenmitherz's 2 projects »

  • Step 1

    Need something to do this weekend?

    Why not spending your time crocheting cute little mushrooms?!

    You will need:
    - Yarn in 2 colours of your choice

    - Crochet Hook

    - Scissors

    - Fibre Fill (or any kind of material you want to use to stuff your mushroom)

    - Sewing Needle

  • Step 2

    1. Chain 2,
    and then 6 single crochet (SC) into the first stitch

    2. 2 SC in each SC around… (that will be 12 stitches)

    3. SC 1, then 2 SC into the next SC – repeat 6 times (18 stitches)

    4. SC 2, 2 SC into the next SC – repeat 6 times (will be 24 stitches)

    5. SC 3, 2 SC in next SC – repeat 6 times (30 stitches)

    6. SC 30 (do this for about 5 rounds!!!!!)

    Now your crocheted piece will start to “roll”, but that’sexactly what we want xD

    7. SC 3, decrease (DEC) 1 – repeat 6 times (24 stitches)

  • Step 3

    8. SC 24 (for about 3 rounds)

    9. SC 2, dec 1 – repeat 6 times (18 stitches)

    10. Now you need to think of dots, if you want to have them on your mushroom xD So take the hook and start to crochet the dots:

    Chain 2, then 6 SC into the first stitch. Then, 2 SC in each stitch around. This makes 12 stitches then. After you’ve done this, just weave in the end (I usually simply tie a knot ^^) and leave a long tail for sewing!

    Crochet as many dots as you wish to be on your mushroom.

    11. Sew dots to mushroom.

    12. Stuff your mushroom.

    You decide whether you want to stuff it tight or loose, I prefer tight. :D

    13. SC 1, DEC 1 – repeat 10 times (17 stitches)

    14. Change yarn (because now you need another colour, like white….)

    15. SC 3 ounds (51 stitches)

    16. SC 1, 2 SC in next SC

    17. SC 1, DEC 1 – repeat 8 times

    18. Stuff it.

    19. SC 1, Skip 1 – repeat until end.

    Just tie a knot at the end.

    20. Your mushroom is finished! :D haha, wasn’t that easy?!

    You can simply leave it like this or add a cute crocheted ribbon like I did.

    Have fun crocheting and if you want, leave a comment or (even better!) a link to a picture of your cration <3

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Katlyn A.
Katlyn A. · Beaumont, Texas, US
omg super cute! I think I'm going to have to make a few
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
I'm still in love of the mushroom, i was looking at an other project and i saw this little fellow again, so i jumpted to it and i saw that i have fave you allready, soooooo sweet .I think i must give it a try.
thank you for the tute and sharing!
eloise l.
eloise l.
That is seriously the cutest
if I knew how to crohet
Gone Neko
Gone Neko · Milan, Lombardy, IT · 29 projects
*___* ooooooh!!!!

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