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Make A Crusta Rim
Making a Crusta Rim is a simple, but cool way to decorate your cocktails. In this tutorial I will present you 3 different ways to make a Crusta Rim.
Basically you need a liquid (for example: a juice or syrup) and sugar or salt for the crust.
You can make these Crusta Rims in various ways, sweet or salty, colourful or plain. It always depends on you ingredients.

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  • How to mix a cocktail. Crusta Rim - Step 1
    Step 1

    Crusta Rim for a Margarita:

    a) Squeeze lemon juice onto a small plate.
    b) Take your cocktail glass and put it upside down onto the plate.
    c) Take a second plate with salt and set the glass with the rim into the salt. Make sure the salt covers the whole rim.
    d) Fill the glass with your cocktail, but be careful. So the salt doesn't drop into the glass. That would spoil your cocktails taste.

  • How to mix a cocktail. Crusta Rim - Step 2
    Step 2

    Blue Curacao Syrup Crusta Rim:

    It's basically like Step One, but instead of lemon juice use blue curacao syrup and sugar.

  • How to mix a cocktail. Crusta Rim - Step 3
    Step 3

    Grenadine Crusta Rim:

    Like Step Two, but replace blue curacao syrup with grenadine.

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