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bored of those dunlop volleys? spruce it up with some paints and patience!
Just wanted to say, ever since I saw ppl at uni running around in volleys...i saw potential! And apparently, so did Mooks Clothing. But you know what? Who cares about the tastes of wordly fashion when just a little bit of DIY can give you a personal twist on your shoes. Volleys are highly versatile and they look great, no matter what you to do them. Hope you enjoy this project, I love my volleys now!

Posted by tama_sempai from Roma, Queensland, Australia • Published See tama_sempai's 2 projects »
  • How to paint a pair of painted shoes. "Crayon" Dunlop Volleys - Step 1
    Step 1

    Firstly, go out and buy some dunlop volleys. For those in australia, Big W, K-mart and target are the best for these, there's a few colours to choose from and if you wait for sales, you can get them for $22 AUD.

    We'll go with white laces, but you can choose black with straps too, i'm hoping to get a pair of these and do something funky with them.

  • How to paint a pair of painted shoes. "Crayon" Dunlop Volleys - Step 2
    Step 2

    Now, you need the following items

    1. newspaper - you don't want to get that precious carpet all rainbow coloured...unless u're into that
    2. a sharpie permanent marker
    3. acryllic paints - a variety of colours, (definitely get black for outlining). U can usually pickup a pack of 6 standard colours for under $20 - i used the leftovers i had from school years ago
    4. medium sized paint brushes, might want to have a small one just in case

  • How to paint a pair of painted shoes. "Crayon" Dunlop Volleys - Step 3
    Step 3

    Now, using the sharpie, do some outlines on the canvas - you can make this whatever you'd like, or follow my pattern, which is like a camouflage kinda pattern i'd say.

    At this point, you can either use your black acryllic paints and paint over the sharpie outlines now, or you could do it at the start, either way, it'll work. the sharpie is just used to make it easier for yourself at the start.

    Some tips - stay away from the rims and the rubber, just draw on anything that is canvas, oh and take the laces out first haha

  • How to paint a pair of painted shoes. "Crayon" Dunlop Volleys - Step 4
    Step 4

    Ok, now that you've got the outline going! it's already looking pretty good, but now, it's all up to your creative juices.

    Paint in all the whites using a variety of colours. To create a good spread of colour, use bright contrasting colours such as orange, green, blue, red and yellow and keep it simple. Add a bit of white here and there to give it a touch of brightness.

    Add the laces on and voila!! your new dunlop volleys that beats the crap through Mooks' sorry attempt to individualise volleys

  • How to paint a pair of painted shoes. "Crayon" Dunlop Volleys - Step 5
    Step 5

    Waterproofing - Now, just some pointers in terms of waterproofing those shoes (you don't want multi-coloured sludge on your feet on a rainy day).

    Using acrylic paints is generally good enough for the light shower, but if you're concerned, there's a few things you can do.

    1. You can spray your shoes using an all-weather protective spray. The can will set you back about $15, and I'm thinking, it's really not going to do that much difference, but I sprayed mine using a friend's spray anyway...cost = priceless.

    2. Get some textile medium and mix 1/3 medium with 2/3 paints. This will make your canvas shoe washable. The only problem is that it'll take some extra time mixing in coloured paints and medium.

  • How to paint a pair of painted shoes. "Crayon" Dunlop Volleys - Step 6
    Step 6

    One last thing, be experimental. Get some paper out and let your creative juices run free. I can guarantee you that the "crayon" style volleys look awesome, and i get comments on it all the time, but, nothing beats your own style and your own concept!

    Art can be found everywhere, even on your clothes.


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Lisa v.
Lisa v. · 3 projects
Nice! I'm will try this on my shoes too!
tama_sempai · Roma, Queensland, AU · 2 projects
Hey there, thanx for your comments! Fabric markers will work, but in my experience with them, they do fade over time. Also, they may not give the same vibrant colour effect as paints, but that could work out really well too! In terms of water proofing, I don't think it's an issue. Either way, I think you'll achieve a unique look using the fabric marker. Post it up when you're one, would love to see how it turns out Happy

CO + K User

i love it, but if i use fabric marker instead of acryllic paints, will it be okay ?

CO + K User

i love it, but if i use fabric marker instead of acryllic paints, will it be okay ?
ʎǝuʇɹnoɔ · Wellington, Wellington, NZ · 6 projects
great tutorial, and thanks for explaining about the different types of materials.
tama_sempai · Roma, Queensland, AU · 2 projects
thanx Gary!
if you spray it with the special stuff, it'll make it surface waterproof, but i doubt it'll be waterproof. if you're using a canvas shoe, i would suggest you get the fabric solution for your paints, its not too expensive, and it's just a matter of pre-mixing ur paints before then, it works beautifully for t-shirts, but i've never tried it on shoes. but i can almost guarrantee your shoe will be waterproof and washable by then, hope that helps?
Gary L.
Gary L. · Dublin, Dublin, IE · 1 project
they is coolie!!!!!Im gonna make sum! If you spray with the waterproof stuff is it washable?
tama_sempai · Roma, Queensland, AU · 2 projects
Hi guys, thanks for the comments. Just a few things, about those particular type of shoes in the US, i had a friend from australia go down the states and he said he couldn't find a pair anywhere but that you guys loved them, might be a market for dunlop to break into, haha. but i don't think it's available in the states.

As for the "will the shoes wash out?" i'm guessing, probably if you soak them in water or chuck them into the washing machine, but otherwise, in rain, it shouldn't since it's acryllic paints, but i'll add an extra step for potential waterproofing that i did on mine

cheers and thanx again!
Boebba · Helmond, North Brabant, NL · 47 projects
Oh my! That's amazing, when I have old shoes, I'll try that!
Andy · 4 projects
Awesome! But won't it wash out?
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