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my very first proyect, & my first apron :]
so, this is my first proyect, yeeiiii!¡!
i made this a while ago, so, unfortunately there's no pictures on the 'how to'.
so the story starts when my best friend & i, went to a cooking class, so we wanted to have some cool looking aprons, so that's when this idea was born, we both gave them our own little personal twist, so here's how mine came out as.
ohh also, im sorry if my english is not perfect, as it's not my first language; if u have any doubt, feel free to ask, & pleaase, if u decide to try, post your version, i would absolutely love to see them :]

Posted by Paouii F. from Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico • Published See Paouii F.'s 3 projects »

  • Step 1

    take some other apron, place it on top of your fabric & mark the silhouette (excluding the tie up strings)

  • Step 2

    cut along the mark of the silhouette

  • Step 3

    sew the bias tape around the silhouette u just cut, then take some more bias and sew 2 strings on top, & 2 on the sides so u can tie them to your neck & waist.

  • Step 4

    puck 5 little holes, on each side with your scissors, that will act as little buttonholes, that´s were your ribbon will go through (u can see them on the maine picture, after that, paint little circles with your silver puffy paint around them

  • Step 5

    wait until it dries out, & then pass through the little holes your ribbon as if it was a shoe lace, & tie it up at the bottom end

  • Step 6

    u can optionally add blood stains with your red fabric paint, just have fun with it.
    & finally i added 2 crooked, mismatching pockets with the same black fabric, at the bottom part of the apron, & sew them. that's also optional, but i highly recommend it, it's really useful

  • Step 7

    & voilá, u're done.....have a happy cooking :]

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Willow Forrestall
Willow Forrestall · Diboll, Texas, US · 6 projects
Very Cute Happy
Joy K.
Joy K. · Garland, Texas, US · 80 projects
Looks adorable~! One of my favorite aprons yet <3

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