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Looks delicious, but not edible!
I swear, I'm going through a weird food jewelry phase.

Posted by Scarlet from Stafford, Virginia, United States • Published See Scarlet's 46 projects »
  • Step 1

    Put your oven safe cookie cutter on top of a sheet of aluminum foil on a baking tray, and fill it up with plastic beads. Make sure to cover the entire bottom at least, and dump in another layer or so if you want your cookie to be thicker.

  • Step 2

    Bake it in your oven until the beads are melted. You will have to fiddle with your oven settings (I had mine on 300F and broil on the second to top rack), so be sure to stand right next to your oven and watch it (or check very often) if you've never tried this before.

  • Step 3

    Once it's done, let it sit for a few minutes to cool and harden. When it's cool, it should pop right out of the cookie cutter.

  • Step 4

    Cover the areas you want sprinkles on with glue (I just used basic Elmer's white glue), and dump the sprinkles on.

  • Step 5

    Wait until the glue is completely dry. Then take your resin and drizzle it over the sprinkles, making sure to cover them all, but not flood it, otherwise you might end up with a mess and color bleeding.

  • Step 6

    Wait some more for this to dry completely, and add a second coat of resin if necessary.

  • Step 7

    Attach a jump ring to the back with hot glue and wear with pride!

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Linvie · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 7 projects
what kind of beads did you use? its really cute :3
Sarah D
Sarah D · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 31 projects
I love it!
Scarlet · Stafford, Virginia, US · 46 projects
Mi.ezekatze - I haven't tried that, so this is just a speculation:
Get two circle cookie cutters, one bigger than the other. Put the smaller one inside the bigger one to make your donut hole, and fill the area in between with beads and melt the same way. If you want the rounded shape, you might have to experiment with different thicknesses of beads, or maybe cast a rounded donut shaped circle in resin on top of it.

Best of luck!
FrolleinKram · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 132 projects
Any tip on how to do a doughnut? :/
xxBlack S.
xxBlack S. · Eugene, Oregon, US
How to please!
Janie R.
Janie R. · Eastern, Kentucky, US · 25 projects
Me, me, I'm interested!! So cute, and looks edible, too!

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