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Wire Wrap Some Easy Free-form Lucky Charms
All you need is some wire and green beads to quickly wrap up a Lucky Charm.

If you need one for St, Paddy's Day or just need a little boost, these 4 leaf clovers work up quickly.

When working with beads lighting is so important! That's why I love to use a desk light with a bendable neck, I can position it just where I need to see the color and sparkle of beads.

My new found favorite is the OttLite Craft Space Organizer. It has lots of space to lay out all my tools and wire, while offering a natural light so I can see what the true colors of things like gemstones are. I upgraded from an OttLite Craft Caddy, which is portable, so I've de-cluttered it and now I can take it across the house anytime I need an little extra natural light for when I take photos of my crafts. I've had my Craft Caddy for about 5 years with the same bulb, I expect the new Space Organizer to be just as amazing!

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  • How to make a charms. Clover Charm - Step 1
    Step 1

    Here is my set up! All my tools right in arms reach, so that I don't have to go looking for something.

    Natural lighting, from my OttLite so I can properly match colors and see detail.

    *The linen on my work surface is pure white, if I step back to take a picture, my home lighting makes the linen look yellowed. But up-close under the OttLite it looks and photographs they way it should.

  • How to make a charms. Clover Charm - Step 2
    Step 2

    Supplies are basic wire, beads and not pictured are nippers, or some type of tool to trim your wire. You need 4 beads to make a lucky clover and about 18 inches of wire, just to be safe.

  • How to make a charms. Clover Charm - Step 3
    Step 3

    Start by stringing all your beads on and going in a circle with your wire once again to make sure they're secured.

  • How to make a charms. Clover Charm - Step 4
    Step 4

    Then criss-cross your wire around your beads to section off the "leafs". Push your wire through the middle of your clover and out between two leafs, then bring it straight down. Make a stem and wrap the wire back down the stem.

  • How to make a charms. Clover Charm - Step 5
    Step 5

    Trim your wire to be only a tiny tail and push your wire end into the clover to hide it.

    Try making different stems. Customize your lucky charm they way you like it.

    You can loop a jump ring through the wire on the back of your clover to make a charm or glue it to a pin to make a brooch.

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