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Make Your Own Funky CD Jewelry
yet another one of my reprinted articles, please enjoy!

Wondering what to do with all those lousy CDs that even the used music store won't take? Make it into funky jewelery! All you need are some CDs you'll never listen to again (or free Internet CDs that you get in the mail) and jewelery findings. Here's how to make yourself some really great, unique pieces.

Posted by Impybat from North Andover, Massachusetts, United States • Published See Impybat's 32 projects »
  • How to make a recycled necklace. CD Jewelry - Step 1
    Step 1

    Take the CD and put it in the microwave for 5 seconds. It will begin to spark. Don't be alarmed. Try it a few more times in 5 second increments. The sparking is what gives the CD the cool cracked look and darkens the color.

  • How to make a recycled necklace. CD Jewelry - Step 2
    Step 2

    The CD I used had a pale greenish iridescent color with a white back. Next, you can either put the CD into boiling water for a few minutes or bake it in the oven at 400, just until it begins to soften enough for you to cut it. A pair of heavy duty kitchen shears or garden shears works best for this step.

  • How to make a recycled necklace. CD Jewelry - Step 3
    Step 3

    After your CD is cut into the shapes you want, you can use a Dremel to drill some holes into the pieces for your jumprings or other findings. Where you go next is entirely up to you, designwise. Lay out your pieces and plan how you want to put your project together. Do you have any cool beads you want to incorporate into the design? I had these pretty aurora borealis E beads and flat beads that I strung onto eyepins, and put them in between the CD pieces.

    This really is a great example of upcycling, and so eco-chic!

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Catarina's Alter Ego
Catarina's Alter Ego · Angra do Heroísmo, Açores, PT · 1 project
That's really cool, my only problem here is to cut the CD ... I am kind of afraid :p
Roxanne M.
Roxanne M. · Chicago, Illinois, US · 27 projects
it looks really egyptian! really cute!!!
julia l.
julia l. · 1 project
I tried this and the back crackled and peeled off. I only put it in the microwave 5 seconds. What went wrong? Do I need to spray a clear fixative on it? Also will all cs's come out the same color or is there a way to enhance the color? Thnaks, Jewlya
SuperCool and Really Trendy
SuperCool and Really Trendy · Bradford, England, GB · 60 projects
So putting the CD in the micro wave does contaminate the food next time u use it? Well, please tell me it don't cos I've already done it!
And cannot buy a new one yet!
Alexa S.
Alexa S. · 7 projects
Anybody who's worried about the CDs in the microwave part, don't worry. It won't do anything as long as you don't leave it in there for more than 6 seconds. I was SUPER NERVOUS the first time I did it (I think it was to make christmas ornaments) -.-

Just sit back and enjoy the show. TRUST ME. it won't do anything.
n.a · Uganda, UG
I made earrings out of CDs once...except I never used a microwave, and I used a candle, a pair of normal scissors, and a hammer and thin nail for holes. I never thought to put them in the oven or boil them...that's helpful!
Creative Origins
Creative Origins · Stuart, Florida, US · 24 projects
I love this! Never heard about the crackling effect.
Gonna try this right away. Thanks for sharing.
Heather M.
Heather M. · 22 projects
Wow wow!! Microwaved Necklace!! Awesome try!!! and it looks really fantastic!!
Ezme · Wantage, England, GB · 25 projects
i would love to do this... except we dont have a microwave because we have an ray burn. :C but it is amazing all the same
Impybat · North Andover, Massachusetts, US · 34 projects
Yeah, the microwave thing does look scary--but if you only put it in for a few seconds, it shouldn't kill anything. At least, I've been able to do this successfully a number of times!
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