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Cardstock Stenciling
I learned to stencil with cardstock, instead of freezer paper.

I don't have any pictures of the process, I will take some next time I do some stenciling

Picture #1-My adorable little niece in her very own little punk onesie.
#2-Freehanded Stencil
#3-Jeans paint leg, couple kissing
#4-Elefant, from a German cartoon, Die Maus
#5-My very own Flying Monkey
#6-Wicked Witch to go with my Flying Monkey
#7-I don't remember the original artist for this. PaperBag something or other
#8-A Present for my nephew
#9-Majandra Delfino, all sexy on a canvas purse
#10&11- Corpse Bride
#12-Rent!(as if it wasn't obvious!)
#13-A Jack's Mannequin logo
#15-My ex's band logo
#16-Awesome Band
#18&19-Breaking Dawn, Twilight series

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  • Step 1

    Print out, or hand draw an image onto 110 Lb cardstock (a heavy weight cardstock)

  • Step 2

    Using your xacto knife carefully cut out the black part of the stencil.

    Be careful about 'islands' - any white parts surrounded by black. Leave part of it connected to the outer part of the stencil.

  • Step 3

    Once the stencil is completely cut out, spray the back lightly with spray adhesive. Let sit for a few moments.

    Line up the stencil on the shirt/pants/fabric and press down, making sure that the edges are sealed to the fabric, otherwise it may bleed under the edge

  • Step 4

    Follow the directions on your textile medium on how to mix with the acrylic paint. Or use a fabric paint.

  • Step 5

    Grab your paintbrush and start painting. If you brush from the outside in, it will be less likely to bleed.

  • Step 6

    Let it sit for a few moments before peeling off the stencil. If you plan to use the stencil again (usually only works without a lot of small details) then work slowly, I use the tip of my xacto knife to help.

  • Step 7

    Once you've removed the stencil you can go back and fill in anything that looks bare, or where your connections to the islands are.

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