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40 mins

relish jar with a lid, a candle stick holder and scraps of paper and lace make a gift
After you get all you suppies togetherand have cleaned and dried the jar and id inside and out you may begin. The first step is to take a small nail and hammer it into the lit directly in the middle from the inside out. then screw the wooden knob onto the lid with the screw but first put a dab of glue on the screw to insure stability and strength. Next glue the candle holder to the bottom of the glass jar again directly in the middle. let all of this dry then take your paper and glue it to the outside down as wide as your lace...make sure you cut it longer so you can make slits to fold and glue it down around the bottom and even a part of the candle holder for stability. next glue the lace on the top part of the jar. you will want to pant the candle holder, the knob and the top of the id red as I did. I wanted bling so i made a wire and beads "necklace" to wrap around the knob as bling and then also made a lable that said "You are Loved by me"for the inside of the lid. Lastly I modge podged it all together ...a coupe coats is best with the gloss....fill with candy and give to someone you love!

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