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A cute treat for the holidays!
These are some cute popcorn bags I made for Halloween to give to my friends and family! Since I keep getting compliments on cuteness and freshness, I thought I would share!

My boyfriend and I used air-popped popcorn to make this. We made up three batches, sprayed them with Pam, and then used Butter, Nacho, and White Cheddar flavored popcorn seasoning. Kernel Seasons is the brand we used, because they had the colors we needed. To get everything evenly coated, we put it all in a gallon bag and shook it up! Cut down on the mess too :) As a fun mix up with the flavors, there is also ranch, cheesy jalapeno, bacon cheddar, and pizza flavored seasons you could try!

Then we put our popcorn in candy corn colored layers in these cute candy corn bags from the dollar store. We're not experts at stuffing them, but if you look closely at the bags they actually end up in the shape of candy corn!

We just tied the bags shut with twist ties so they would keep their shape and freshness, and now we get to the crafty part of our little project: the decorations.

We purchased purple poster board, cut it into the shape of candy corn, and hole punched it at the top to make the tags. I would recommend using different paper - this one absorbed all the ink and we couldn't write on it very well. We did try to write down the three flavors though, as well as "candy corn popcorn". Then we put a little candy corn sticker on each bag!

I happened across some black curling ribbon and thought it would be perfect for this project :) All I did was cut a long piece, slip it through the hole in the tag, and then tie it to the bag. And curl it of course :)

We made them on a Saturday and when I gave it to a friend on Wednesday, they said it still tasted very fresh :)

It was a cute thing to give out to people, and as your kid-friendly (aka non-spooky) halloween treat this is definitely the one you want to go for!

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