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Delicious Chocolate cake with tea!!!!
Hi! this was really delicious, my hubby love it so much:))

-about 2,5-3 water glass of wheat flour
-3 eggs
-2/3 water glass of hazelnut oil (optional)
-1 water glass of white granulated sugar
-1 water glass of brewing up strong tea
-grated lemon crust
-1 small packet of baking powder
-some cacao (what amount you want)
-any chocolate with pistachio
-some currant

Posted by Nilüfer from Ankara, Ankara Province, Turkey • Published See Nilüfer 's 30 projects »
  • Step 1

    - mix oil and sugar by mixer
    - add eggs and mix
    -add tea and lemon crust, cinnamon, crushed chocolate (I used a mortar), cacao,currant and mix
    - add some flour bit by bit
    -add baking powder
    - add flour bit by bit

  • How to bake a tea cake. Cake With Tea !!!! - Step 2
    Step 2

    -I used boron glass pot for oven.
    - cover the pot with cooking paper and pour this mixture into the pot.

    - cook in the 180 C preheated oven (Ive a turbo oven it takes about 1 hour)

    Clue 1: dont open your oven door :)(I dont know right word)for the firsth 25 minute.

    Clue 2: I stick toothpick to understand whether cooked or not

    have a good appetite !!!!

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Pinocchio · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 30 projects
this looks delicious!

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