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These accessories are sure to get you noticed.
The great thing about barbie is that she’s nothing if not controversial — whether you’re appalled by what she stands for, or aspire to her peculiar proportions, these accessories are sure to get you noticed.

<b>Project by Jasmin Hollingum from the book Making Stuff: An Alternative Craft Book.</b>

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<u>About Jasmin</u>
Jasmin was inspired to craft at an early age by her mum’s copy of Wild Knitting. Many childhood hours were spent furiously knotting friendship bracelets and making rag rugs. The discovery of craftster.org sealed her fate, and over the years she has delved into the joys of knitting, crochet and embroidery. When she’s not crafting, her time is spent playing violin and French horn, singing in her band, Shady Bard and running her Etsy shop.

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  • How to make a set of Barbie shoe earrings. Brazen Barbie Bling - Step 1
    Step 1

    barbie shoe earrings:
    1. First you will need to make a hole in the top of each shoe. Light the tea light and hold the tip of the pin or needle in the flame for a few seconds. Insert the pin into the back of the shoe, close to the top. The pin will go straight through as the heat melts the plastic. Make the hole a bit bigger by moving the pin in a circular motion.
    2. Take a 6 mm split ring and thread it through the hole in the top of the shoe. You may need to use the pliers to help you open up the ring and squeeze it shut.
    3. To create the chain, attach 4 mm split rings one on top of the other with the 6 mm ring as the base. Thread the top ring through the loop at the bottom of the ear hook. Using the pliers, twist the loop so that the front of the shoe is pointing away from the ear hook.

  • How to make a set of Barbie shoe earrings. Brazen Barbie Bling - Step 2
    Step 2

    barbie hat key ring:
    1. Make a hole near the edge of the brim of the hat, as you did in Step 1 of the Barbie shoe earrings.
    2. Thread a 6 mm split ring through the hole in the hat.
    3. With this ring as the base, make a chain with the 4 mm split rings until it is the desired length.
    4. Thread the top ring of the chain onto the key ring. Slip on your keys and jump into your pink Caddy!

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Kirsty · 5 projects
I wish I had some old Barbie shoes! I will have to go on a hunt for some around town Happy
Chuckee · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 15 projects
I think I'll go make myself a pair of these earrings... well, in a bit
Prinz3ssDoku · Lake Wales, Florida, US · 16 projects
love it ^-^

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